Overland Route 14: Mongolia – China – Pakistan

Duration: 15 days
Distance: ca. 3.900 km
Best travel time: May, June, September, October


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Mongolia – China (Takeshikenzhen)

Border crossing. Meet your guide at the border. Fromalities at the border. Stay near the border.

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Takeshikenzhen – Altay

Formalities at the traffi administration. You will receive your temporary Chinese driving license and number plate after the vehicle check.

Tagesetappe: ca. 345 km

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Altay – Karamay

Tagesetappe: ca. 415 km

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Karamay – Turpan

Turpan is an oasis city located in the Uighur autonomous region of Xinjiang, China.This place has been for centuries the centre of a fertile oasis (grape production, among others) and an important commercial city on the Silk Road.

Tagesetappe: ca. 500 km

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Turpan visiting day

Visiting day in Turpan.Cultural influences are multiple here. The encounter between the culture of the West and that of the East is perfect. The caves of the thousand Buddhas of Bezeklik, the ruins of Jiaohe and Gaochang are very beautiful witnesses of the rich history of the region. The Flamboyant Mountains are among the sites to visit during your visit to Tourfan. A stifling heat emanates from it but the places have become very popular following the famous novel The Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en. The Emin Minaret is the oldest Islamic tower built in Xinjiang. It is located in the very city of Turpan.

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Turpan – Bayingol

Tagesetappe: ca. 380 km

Tag 07
Bayingol – Ruoqiang (Charklik)

Tagesetappe: ca. 440 km

Tag 08
Ruoqiang – Qiemozhen

Tagesetappe: ca. 280 km

Tag 09
Qiemozhen – Keriya

Tagesetappe: ca. 420 km

Tag 10
Keriya – Hotan

Tagesetappe: ca. 180 km

Tag 11
Hotan – Kargilik

Tagesetappe: ca. 260 km

Tag 12
Kargilik – Yarkant – Yenisgar – Kashgar

Tagesetappe: ca. 265 km

Tag 13
Kashgar visiting day
Tag 14
Kashgar – Tashgurkan

Modern and relaxed, Sichuan’s capital offers a wide range of places and activities: Visit the city’s many temples and parks, relax in a tea house, enjoy a Chinese opera show, taste the famous spicy hotpot…

Tagesetappe: ca. 295 km

Tag 15
Tashkurgan – Exit Pakistan

Tagesetappe: ca. 130 km (in China)

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