Qigong and Yoga Retreat with Meditation

Datum:On Request / Customized
Price:from 420 Euro
Highlights:Training in an Ancient Daoist Temple – Dali Old Town, Yunnan
Optional:Evening meditation practice and review of what has been learned
Duration4 day; extended training is possible on request
Training Goal:Receiving of a full series of movements; being able to it in daily life without supervision
Mediathek:Gallery – Film

In this retreat you will learn the movements from the Calligraphy Yoga and Calligraphy Qigong System of Master Yang. The movements are from the first set of Calligraphy Yoga and combined with some Calligraphy Qigong exercises.  You will learn to open and stretch you body as well to enhance and charge up your energy level in the 4 days of training.

The class offers you a clear and step by step teaching into the Calligraphy Yoga and Qigong. You will get personally training and adjustment of the exercises so that you will get being familiar and getting confidence with it. You will become aware of your breathing and it will become naturally a more deeper breathing. The combination of movement and breathing will lead you to more relaxation in your body, mind and heart. The imagination and concentration will refresh you brain cells,  open your heart and feel the natrual flow of body and breath. This can give you deep insight in your life that there is underlying never ending flow of life force. If you understand to connected with that vividness of life you will feel carried by it.

In this retreat will have time for other practice, so that we can deeply relax and let all what we have learned come down into your whole system. Therefore the participant will receive Dao Healing session, in which everybody just relax and receive some natural energy from Dao. This kind of energy can help us to get a reset in your whole system and heal us, so that we can experience our true nature.

This is then a good moment to practice some kind awareness, which is called in the Dzogchen tradition Anxi. Anxi (rest) let us be able to open our mind towards the Dao and we can experience our true nature.

The class will be instructed by Mathias Wolters.

1Arrival in Dali: Airport pickup and transfer to your 3* boutique hotel in Dali old town. After check-in first introduction and training of the first movements.
2After breakfast we move to the Daoist Temple in the Cangshan mountain range. The temple is located high above Dali in a deep forest with views on the Dali valley, the old town and the Erhai lake. Here you will have the perfect environment for Qigong and Yoga practice. The temple has simple but clean accommodation available for you. The morning training starts from 10 am until 1 pm. The afternoon training is from 3 to 6 pm. After the training we can drive you to Dali old town for sightseeing and a relaxing walk through the streets. Optional: from 9-10 review training and Anxi meditation.
3Today, the morning training is from 8 am to 12 pm. We will repeat the first day and continue to learn the form. In the afternoon we will finish the set of movement with the very relaxing movements of this form on the floor, so that the energy can deeply nourish us and comes down into our centre.  The training in the afternoon will be from 1 pm to 6 pm. Optional is after your free time in the afternoon review training and Anxi meditation.
4Dali departure: The training will be from 8 am to 1 pm with an extended review session. This day will make everything round and you will be familiar with Calligraph Yoga/ Qigong. Transfer to the airport in the afternoon or evening.

This training plan is 100% adjustable to your time frame!

Included Services:

1 overnight stay in a 3* boutique hotel, 2 nights in a Daoist temple Qigong and Yoga instructor Mathias Wolters Breakfast, Lunch, Mineral Water / Tea, Coffee and fresh fruit during the breaks All transfers to Dali old town, Airport pick up from Dali airport (other airports or locations on request) BOOK NOW

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