Yoga, Qigong & Tibetan Dzogchen-Meditation

1 Day Yoga and Qigong in Dali

Dali, Yunnan

Taoist Temple in Dali, Cangshan Mt.
2015: Every Monday / On Request / 1 day

During this one day class the participant will learn first movements from the system Calligraphy Yoga and Qigong from Master Yang. We offer you the opportunity to get to know this beautiful and health-promoting sytem. The movements are easy to learn, and you will receive already an effective and wholesome system. It will be possible for you to continue the movements at home by yourself.

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Qigong and Yoga Retreat with Meditation

Dali, Yunnan

Buddhist Protection Deities, Dali
2015: On Request / 4 days

In this retreat you will learn the movements from the Calligraphy Yoga and Calligraphy Qigong System of Master Yang. The participant will learn to open and stretch the body and as well to enhance and charge up your energy level in the 4 days of training. The retreat will take place near the old town of Dali (Yunnan) in a 500 year old Taoist temple on the foot of Cangshan mountain – the perfect place for Yoga and Qigong practice.

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Yoga, Qigong & Experience China – A combination tour through ancient China

Kunming – Practice in a 500 year old Taoist Temple in Dali Old Town – Old Town of Shaxi – Practice in the Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shangri-la – Old Town of Lijiang and Baisha

Bridge in Shaxi 2015: Sep 06 – Sep 19 / on request

On this journey through the southern Chinese province of Yunnan we will learn the movements from the system Calligraphy Yoga and Calligraphy Qigong by Master Yang and get to know the most scenic and historic highlights of southern China. We will learn moves from the first unit of Calligraphy Yoga and connect them with some exercises from the Calligraphy Qigong. A perfect way to learn to open our body, stretch it and to increase our energy level.

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