Sichuan Trekking and National Parks

This Sichuan Trekking and National Parks will take you to the most beautiful places in the region. We will climb mountains, spend several days on horseback. Meet, and spend time with a nomad family, sleep in their yurt and share a dinner outdoor, under the stars. This trip will leave us full memories, as much by the encounters as by the landscapes we will see. Mystic mountains, crystalline lakes, pastures of Yaks … 13 days trekking throught mountain and national parks, discovering undiscovered Sichuan


Date:On request
Price:On request
Highlights / Route:Chengdu – Wolong – Siguniang National Reserve – Danba – Tagong –

Hailuogou Forest Park – Moxi – Kangding – Chengdu

Duration :13 days
Style / Character:Adventure/ Trekking Tour
Vehicles:4×4, SUV, Van, Bus




Daily itinerary Sichuan Trekking and National Parks


DayRoute: Description
1Chengdu – Wolong: Arrival in Chengdu (500m). From Chengdu to Wolong. In Wolong the Nature Reserve can be visited, there is the Panda Station. Close to it, the Pandas will be released into the wilderness. Visit of park, eat & hike.

140 km, 2 hours

2Wolong – Xiaojin – Siguniang:Ride to Xiaojin. From here we can visit the mountain Siguniang/4-Sisters Mountain. The Siguniang is called “the Alps of the Orient” and is a UNESCO-World Heritage.

150 km, 3 hours

3Siguniang: In the park there are three beautiful valleys (Changping Valley, Haizi Valley and Shuangqiao Valley). There you can try out different hiking routes. They have the same start & finish location. The distances are variable (3-7 hours). The longest route is through Changping Valley (7 hours). There you can go to the base of Mt. Siguniang at the west site and we see breathtaking rock faces. Recommendable is also a day hike through Haizi Valley to Laoniuyuanzi. The shortest way would be a hike through Haizi or Shuangqiao Valley (2-3 h).
4Siguniang – Suopo – Danba:Ride to Danba, to the shore oft the Dadu river where you can find many watchtowers. Years ago, they were built against river pirates. Today tourists can visit them. Visit of Suopo.
112 km, 2,5 hours
5Danba – Tagong: Ride to Tagong. Visit of the temple in the middle of the village. Short hike to the viewpoint for a sky burial.
Overnight stay in Tagong in an excellent Ecolodge with sauna at the grasslands. (only 4 rooms available), run by an American woman. Visit of Tagong and the small monastery.110 km, 2 hours
6Tagong:Ride with the horses (with additional pack horse) or hiking into the grasslands. Accompanied by a guide and a nomad, who knows the way. Visit of a temple and having a picnic at the grassland, when the weather is good. Overnight stay at a nomad family at the grassland.


Hiking time/ riding time: 6 hours

7Tagong:In the morning there is the chance of milking yaks. After breakfast we go the Gyergo-Nunnery. Here, the monastery, the monk’s college and the Mani Stone Wall can be visited. Transfer to the Ecolodge.

Hiking time/ riding time: 6 hours

8Tagong – Hailuogou National park:Before we come to the Hailuogou Nationalpark, there’s the opportunity to visit the Yanzigou Park. Here, we will have a spectacular view to the east site of Mt. Gonga. With 7,556 meters it is the highest mountain in Sichuan. The Hailuogou Park is divided in Base Camp 1-4. In Camp 2, the resorts with the hot springs are highly recommendable. To Base Camp 3, we can take the parkbus or the cable car.  Alternatively we can also hike. We will stay in the park for one night.

182 km, 5 hours

9Hailuogou – Moxi Old Town – Kangding:In the park we can enjoy the hot springs or can visit the glaciers. Or we can use the cable cars and visit all of the camps. In Camp 4 you’ll have a nice view of Mt. Gonga’s peak.
On the way back from Hailuguo Nationalpark we visit the Old Town of Moxi. Some attractions are a gothic and catholic curch, a former residence of the Red Army, the Luding Bridge and different temples.109  km, 2,5 hours.In Kangding we visit  the Anjue temple and other monasteries. Short hike on top of one of the three hills for a nice view.80 km, 3 hours
10Kangding-Chengdu: Drive back to Chengdu. End of the journey.
11Optionnal Extension: Chengdu – Jiuzhaigo. We will take the fast train line just opened to reach JiuZhaiGou Park in only 2 hours! We are arriving today for two days trekking to the beautiful ZhuiZhaiGou Nature Reserve. We will hike all along the beautiful paths, leading us along rivers, lakes. meadows with water of a color like you’ve never seen before! The views that we will have will be breathtaking and will remind you amazing souvenirs A lot of hiking opportunities are offered in this reserve and we will adapt to your expectations and abilities
12Jiuzhaigou: A second and last day spent in Jiuzhaigou Park and its nature combining blue lakes, waterfalls, green forests and snow-capped mountains …We will spend the night very close to it
13Jiuzhaigou – Chengdu: Today is the end of this circuit. We will take the train back to Chengdu. From there you can take the return flight home.


Included Services:

Vehicle (Van) with driver
English speaking tour guide
Overnight stays in upper class- and middle class hotels
Meals: breakfast and lunch
Trekking-Tour in Tagong with 2 horses for riding and an additional pack horse, local nomad guide and the overnight stays in the Ecolodge & nomad family

All entrance fees


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With almost 500,000 square kilometers, Sichuan is one of the largest provinces in China. We find from east to west plains, hills, mountains and plateaus. Located in the southwest of the country, this province serves as gateway to Tibet.
Sichuan offers a variety of very rich landscapes with rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, ponds and caves. Some sites have been ideally landscaped for tourists such as the national park, Jiuzhaigou. Several sites have been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. There are about 50 species of rare animals. In Sichuan, there are 85% of giant pandas in China. Many reserves have been created for endangered species, including Chengdu and Bifengxia


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