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On the Road in China and Tibet – China Overland – Drive with your own vehicle through China and Tibet

5 star ratingOverlanding with own vehicle in China through Tibet Moto In June and July I went through China with my Dutch registred vehicle, entering Xinjiang, going through Tibet an exiting from Yunnan to Laos, arranged by Tibet Moto. Everything was arranged very well. At the preparation stage the contact through email was crisp and clear.... read more

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5 star ratingOverland tour Mongolia – China - SEA Hi everyone, we booked the China part of our world trip with Tibetmoto.
At Erenhot border we were greeted by out guide who helped us with the border formalities and accompanied us to the border of Tibet at Goldmud.
From there we crossed the endless...
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5 star ratingTorugart pass to Shanghai On a bright Sunday morning in April 2017, my 1983 Land Rover “Edna” and I started on a trip that would take us from the Netherlands to China, crossing over 5,300 meters high mountain passes.

End July 2017 we arrived at the Torugart pass, the border...
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China Overland Tours – Discover China and Tibet in your own vehicle!

China is one of the world’s most fascinating countries – not only because of its extremely turbulent history, but, of course, also because of its unique nature. And what could be a better way to make a journey of discovery in China and Tibet than by doing a China overland tour in your own vehicle? Regardless of whether you choose a 4×4 or a motorbike, camper or truck, a China overland tour is the best way to get a unique insight into the country, its very friendly inhabitants and its breath-taking landscapes.
We, the Tibetmoto team, will take on the whole job of organising the trip for you: together, we will map the route of your dream journey through China overland, and the neighbouring Tibet as well. With our assistance, you will get a temporary Chinese driver´s license, license plate and insurance for your vehicle as well as all the necessary permits. And, of course, we will provide your tour guide, without which it is not possible to do a China overland tour. Roaming through China, driving your own vehicle? With Tibetmoto, your dream trip will become reality!

China Overland Group Tour Kyrgyzstan to Nepal OR Laos via the Chinese provinces Xinjiang, Tibet & Yunnan

 Entry: Kyrgyzstan (Torugart Pass Border) / Exit 1: Nepal (Jilongzhen / Rasuwa Ghadhi Border) / Exit 2: Laos (Mohan / Boten Border)

25 days / 27 July 2020

Who has not dreamt of crossing the world with his own vehicle as an Overland Traveller? This tour is for all of those who want to see the highlights of Tibet, starting in Kashgar all the way to the Nepal or Laos. You will cross the vast Tibetan high plateau, explore Yamdrok lake and its crystal-blue waters and visit holy Mount Kailash. If you continue to Laos, you will visit Everest Base Camp, Lhasa, cross the Eastern Himalayas, visit Chinese old towns and drive on subtropical roads into Yunnan province.
Some of you may find a private China Overland Tour too expensive and this is why we created this affordable China Overland Group Tour from Kyrgyzstan to Nepal or Laos for you.

China and Tibet in your own vehicle – what route will you choose?

Many vacationers shy away from even considering a China overland tour because the many bureaucratic hurdles and the language barrier seem too difficult. With us, you will have a strong partner at your side working out of its own offices with German management on the spot in China, who know the language, the laws and the customs, and who is always available as your contact person.

We have a broad selection of China overland tours ready for you in our repertoire, for instance:
– Through Kyrgyzstan to China, and onward to Pakistan (from 5 days)
– From Kazakhstan through China, Tibet and Nepal (20 days)
– From Kyrgyzstan through Tibet and home from Laos (from 26 days)
– Through Mongolia and China to Laos (27-29 days)
– From Kyrgyzstan to China overland, and onward to Tibet and Nepal (15-20 days)
– The following borders are, in general, available for entry/exit:
Laos and Myanmar – Vietnam – Kirgistan – Kazakhstan – Mongolia – Pakistan – Nepal – Tadjikistan

Do you have your own idea about what you would like in your China overland tour? No problem. Get in touch with us and we will work together with you to create your dream route. Please bear in mind, however, that planning your trip will take some time due to the bureaucratic hurdles – the sooner you book your China overland tour with us, the smoother the planning will be!

China Overland Tours – how does that work, actually?

As an “overlander” or self-driver through China, you will need to keep some things in mind:
-You will need an official guide who will be legally responsible for you.
– Your vehicle will need a temporary Chinese license plate and insurance, and you will need a Chinese driver’s license.
-You will need certain permissions for your Tibet and China overland tours that can only be applied for by our experienced agency.
However, with Tibetmoto you do not have to worry about anything like that because we will take care of everything involving the bureaucracy for you. Licenses, permissions, everything you need to make a carefree journey through China and Tibet-we will take care of it all for you and provide a qualified guide to accompany you.
Visa requirements for China
If you want to travel through China in your own vehicle, you will need to get a visa in advance. A visa-on-arrival will not be issued at the Chinese borders. You can only apply for a visa, at the earliest, 3 months before the start of the trip. It is best to make the application directly from your home country, since it is not possible to apply for Chinese visas from some countries.

Why should you book your China Overland Tour with Tibetmoto?

That is easy: we take care of everything for you that needs to be done so that you can enjoy your China overland tour to the fullest. And that starts with planning the trip! You can choose one of our popular, tested and proven Tibet and China overland tours, or we can plan a completely personalised route together with you. The sooner you get started with the planning process, the more relaxed your preparation time will be. Normally, the Chinese authorities will need about 30 days for processing. We prefer to be on the safe side, and allow 40 days processing time for your trip in your own vehicle.
After you have booked your trip with us, we will guide you, step by step, through the necessary procedures. You will receive a form from us by email which you must fill out completely. It is best to scan the necessary documents such as vehicle documents, passport, etc, and upload them to a cloud service which we provide.
Then, when you arrive in your own vehicle at the Chinese border crossing, our guide will be waiting for you. He will already have all the necessary papers with him (except, of course, the originals, which you will have with you), and will help you take care of getting your temporary Chinese driver’s license and vehicle license plate from the appropriate Chinese authorities. When all the formalities have been taken care of, the fun part of your China overland tour will begin!
Through our guides, we are literally at your side at all times and can help you at any time with language difficulties or other problems. Out Tibetmoto team has a firm grip on the Chinese bureaucracy – and you will be able to concentrate completely on the fantastic beauty that your trip will offer you! An adventure that you will, guaranteed, never forget!

News for all travellers who want to travel overland from China to Nepal: the new border at Gyirong (Girong/Kirong), Tibet is open again. All overland travel was suspended after the devastating earthquake in 2015 and the border at Zhangmu was (and remains) closed. The new border at Gyirong serves China overland travellers in the future as a hub for leaving or entering China from/to Nepal.

There a also great news regarding the Qolma Pass for Overlander tours Tadjikistan-China! This border crossing is now open since May 2018. The distance to Kashgar is approx. 300 kilometres. The Qolma Pass, which connects the Pamir Highway with the Karakorum Highway, was open between May and November since 2008, except on weekends and holidays (official holidays and also unofficial ones like the Qurban Festival (arab. “Eid al-Adha”) in Usbekistan und Tadjikistan) and NOT for foreigners with a foreign registred vehicle. This changed now and the Qolma Pass for China Overland tours Tadjikistan-China is open for every Overland traveller. Overland Tours between Tadjikistan and China are offering a lot more opportunities now!

Before sending an inquiry, we suggest that you first read our FAQ section below!

For enquiries – What we need to know to be able to answer:
Nationality / Age
– Travel period (day (if known), Month & Year)
– Transit period in days (1- 90 days)
– Entering China / departure from China (for example: from Kyrgyzstan to Laos)
– Number of Vehicles & Vehicle Types

Hendrik Heyne, founder of Tibetmoto, with overlander travellers in China from around the world

Included Services for all China Overland Tours:
– Chinese driving license (provisional)
– Chinese number plate 
– Customs deposit bond (depending on border)
– Customs entry and exit clearance
– 3rd party vehicle insurance

– All China entry permits, itinerary permits, military permits, PSB permits, tourism bureau permits
– Tibet Permit (Tibet Alien Traveller Permit) for China Overland Tours through Tibet
– All necessary official translations
– English speaking Tibetmoto guide
– Expenses for guide traveling to / from borders
– Meals and accommodation for guide
– Advice concerning roads and itineraries
– Tibetmoto service: Customer support while on the road from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 9pm China time

In addition to our included services above, we offer an optional supply vehicle in case the guide can not sit in your vehicle

on request

China Overlander travel packages for film and TV productions in China
CARFTE Permits/import of TV and film equipment

on request

Order Service: Great support during your adventure in China: We can order vehicle spare parts, tires, expedition equipment, motorcycle clothing/helmets and much more!

on request



Overlander itineraries through China and Tibet 2020:

Tibet and China Overland transits are as special as the people who book with us.

There are hundreds of possiblilities to cross China with your own vehicle. The following China and Tibet overland itineraries are therefore more doable suggestions and serve as a guideline rather than as a way you have to take. We are happy to adapt all our itineries to your needs and ideas. Or create something entirely else.

The following itineraries can also be driven in reverse order:

from / toKazakhstanKyrgyzstanMongolia

Laos or

Route 1:

Kazakhstan – China – Laos or Myanmar

(24-28 days)

Route 2:

Kazakhstan – China –Tibet – Laos or Myanmar

(26-30 days)with Tibet

Route 5:

Kyrgyzstan – China – Tibet – Laos or Myanmar

(27-30 days)with Tibet

Route 6:

Kyrgyzstan – China – Tibet – Laos

(30 days) with Mt. Kailash 3day hike

Route 10+11:

Mongolia – China – with or without Tibet– Laos or Myanmar


Route 12:

Mongolia – China – Laos or Myanmar

(27-29days) with Xi'an


Route 3:

Kazakhstan – China – Tibet – Nepal

(20 days) with Tibet

Route 7:

Kyrgyzstan – China – Tibet – Nepal

(15-20 days)with Tibet

Route 13:

Mongolia – China – Tibet– Nepal

(20days)with Tibet


Route 4:

Kazakhstan – China – Tibet – Pakistan

(30 days) with Tibet

Route 8:

Kyrgyzstan – China – Pakistan

(4-6 days)

Route 14:

Mongolia – China – Pakistan


Route 15:

Mongolia – China – Tibet – Pakistan

(27-30days)with Tibet


Route 9:

Kyrgyzstan – China – Tibet– Mongolia

(38 days) with Xi'an

 How to get your Chinese driving license?

If you want to take the road in China, your international driving license will be of no use to you. Foreigners from all countries who wish to drive in China must apply for a Chinese driving license. This is because China has not signed the convention that allows it to use the International Driving Permit. Also, Chinese driving licenses are only valid in mainland China. Residents of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan must also request one to drive on mainland China. Let’s take a look at the situation.


Get more information...

 How to enter China from Torugart Port/Pass as a China Overland Traveller with your own vehicle?


In this article you will get to know the border crossing and China entry procedures for China Overland travellers who cross from Kyrgyzstan to China at the Torugart Pass/Port border crossing (status late 2018).


Get more information…

China Overland Vehicle Logistic and Shipping Services

In this article, you get to know how we transport your vehicle either within China and globally around the world in case you don’t want to drive or ride yourself “all the way” or your travels come to a conclusion in China, and you simply want to send your vehicle back to your home country.


Get more information…


 How to enter Nepal from Tibet/China at Jilongzhen/Rasuwa Ghadhi border as a China Overland Traveller with your own vehicle


In this article you will get to know the border crossing and China exit/Nepali entry procedures for China Overland travellers who cross from China/Tibet to Nepal at the newly opened Jilongzhen/Rasuwa Ghadhi border crossing (status April 2018, updated December 2018)


Get more information…


Overlander FAQ:

A brief overview of frequently asked questions and our answers (update October 2019)

Search the FAQs

Use the form below to search the FAQs

Can I drive with my own vehicle through China without a guide?

Having a guide during your self-drive transit from the day of arrival to the day of departure from China is prescribed by law and also mentioned on the overland travel permits.
Please understand that this is therefore currently not possible. As organisers, we are legally responsible for our China Overland travellers. The legal risk for us would be too great if you got lost without a guide and got away from the agreed-on route.

Which documents do you need from me?

After booking we will send you a form to fill out. This takes you about 30 minutes. Furthermore, we require a handful of documents. Those documents include scans of your passport, driving license and vehicle information such as vehicle registration, vehicle photos and passport style photos of all participants.
We only need scanned copies and no originals. After booking, we set up a cloud service (Dropbox) for you to upload all necessary documents.

Chinese driving license: Is there an age limit for obtaining the provisional Chinese driving license?

Chinese national law allows China overland travellers to apply for a provisional Chinese driving license for motorbikes and trucks until the age of 60 and for regular cars until the age of 70. This law is also valid for Chinese citizens, not only for foreigners. This means that drivers above the age of 60 can not operate certain vehicle and drivers above the age of 70 are not permitted to operate any vehicle.

Normally, traffic administrations will not issue Chinese provisional driving licenses for drivers or riders above this age. However, exceptions are being made upon special requests. If those special requests for drivers above 60/70 are being granted depends on the traffic administration in charge of the border of entry. Please contact us for further details. Chances are high that we will find a way for you to get your Chinese driving license for your China overland tour.

Can I camp or stay overnight in my vehicle?

This depends on the province. While some provinces do not prohibit camping, others do.
For example, it is at present not allowed to camp in Xinjiang province and Tibet province in most places. In those provinces are regulations in place making it for foreign foreign visitors mandatory to be registered in hotels. While you can not camp in the wild, you are permitted to stay overnight in your vehicle on hotel parking lots in case the hotel can do the registration of the foreign traveller with the local police. Usually, they charge a small amount for this and also parking fee.

Do I have the same guide when traveling through multiple provinces?

This depends on the exact routing. Let's say your China transit starts at the Kyrgyzstan/China border and you travel all the way to Laos via Tibet. In this case you would have a guide for the Chinese province of Xinjiang (normally an Uighur guide), a different guide for Tibet (a Tibetan) and another guide for the Chinese province of Yunnan (a Yunnanese guide; normally a member of Yunnan´s many minority groups).
This way you always travel with somebody who can speak the local languages (not everywhere Mandarin Chinese is spoken), knows the local customs and traditions and the area very well.
All of your guides are hand-picked by us and have a national guiding license.

How do I submit my documents after booking?

Together with the initial invoice for the deposit payment we will invite all group members to a shared dropbox folder. Dropbox is a free cloud service and in the app you will find folders labelled with your name and sub-folders labelled with the documents which need to be uploaded (in addition to the form which you also need to fill out). Since dropbox is a cloud service, your group and the Tibetmoto team will have shared access to all documents at all times - which comes in handy also for you if there is need to access those files during your journey. We will also have the advantage that insufficient files can be easily re-uploaded, replaced and we all know what is online and what is missing.
Note that dropbox is synchronised: Never delete any files - they will be deleted for everyone sharing the folder - also for us.
If dropbox does not work for you, the group members can send me their files as a zip file with the free service wetransfer.com. But due to the size please not by email.

What are the formalities when entering China?

When entering China, you will meet your guide/border fixer at the pre-decided border/day. The fixer will help you with the formalities and communicate with the border officials. He will carry all necessary documents and permits in the original. Without those documents the border crossing is not possible.

Afterwards, you will proceed to the next town to where the border checkpoint (administrative division) belongs  to. In most cases this is the biggest town close to the border. It is for example Jinhong/Xishuabgbanna if you arrive from Laos or Kashgar if you arrive from Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan/Pakistan.
On the following working day after your entry you need to visit the traffic administration with you vehicle and undergo customs procedures (this depends on the border). The traffic administration will check you vehicle and issue your provisional driving license and provisional number plate beside other documents.
The waiting time is often quite long. Plan accordingly.
Once all documents have been issued, you can start your Overland journey in China.

Example from Kashgar, entering from Kyrgyzstan (update 10/2019):
Day 1 (Mon): Coming from Naryn (Kyrgyzstan) and entering into China from Torugart Pass. Meeting the guide/fixer at the Chinese border checkpoint of Torugart Port at the height to Torugart Pass after exiting from Kyrgyzstan. Border formalities. Drive to a customs station 120KM before Kashgar where the vehicle has to be parked overnight.
Day 2 (Tue): Customs formalities. Pick up your vehicle from the customs station. Drive to Kashgar.
Day 3 (Wed): Formalities at the traffic administration outside of Kashgar (40 kilometres drive). Vehicle check. Medical examination. The provisional driving license and number plate are being issued.
Day 4 (Thu): Begin you journey according to your itinerary.

Example from Mohan, entering from Laos (update 10/2019):
Day 1 (Mon): Entering China from Laos at the Mohan/Boten border. Meet your guide at the border. Border formalities and short drive (40KM) to Mengla. Proceedings at the traffic administration. Vehicle check. Medical examination. The provisional Chinese driving license and number plate are being issued.
Day 2 (Tue): Begin you journey according to your itinerary.

As you can see, the formalities are different and depend on the border. While some borders are rather efficient, other like to complicate things. But never worry, our team is there to take care of the formalities. All you need is patience.

What are the payment arrangements?

We need an advanced payment of 20 percent once you are committed to book your China transit with us. After receiving the invoiced amount we send you a receipt from our bank and initiate your booking.
Six weeks (42 days) prior to your arrival at the Chinese border we need to receive the remaining amount of 80 percent.

Do I have to arrange hotel bookings in advance?

No, there is no need to arrange hotel bookings in advance. You can either book directly in the town or village where you stay for the night or in advance with the help of your guide or using an online booking engine. If you want to book hotels in advance, we can offer you a comprehensive tour package including accommodation from a category of your choice: from budget to five stars, we know the best hotels for your Overland tour through China.

How long do you need to arrange my Overland trip?

We need about 50 days to prepare your China Overland trip and apply for all permits. This is why we need all papers and information well in advance. In addition you should allow for some time for detailed consultation. We are there for you when it comes to first hand advice of routes, itineraries, sights and road conditions. We use our knowledge to plan your perfect trip according to your requirements.
Most people start the booking process six month or longer in advance. So we all have planning security.

I want to ship my vehicle from/into China. Is this possible?

Yes, no problem. We work with specialised logistic agents and logistic providers who offer the best logistic solutions for shipping motorcycles and cars from China around the world since many years. Take a look at our dedicate vehicle logistic page here for details. Options include logistic services from mainland Chinese cities such as Beijing, Xian, Chengdu or Kunming within China (for example to the next sea port for ocean freight) or from a harbour at the Chinese east cost to ports around the world.
A new freight possibility is the so called "New Silk Route" from European cities via freight train to the Chinese city of Xian.
We can also receive your vehicle by air or ocean freight. Popular ports include Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing beside others.

Can I enter China with my vehicle and ship it directly to the exit border?

There may be various reasons why you don't like to drive your vehicle in China. Your time schedule or the desire to find a cost effective way to cross China may be the reason. In this case you can enter China with your own vehicle overland, and we arrange the logistics within China. Motorcycles can be crated and send by truck to the exit border, cars can be put on a car carrier trailer and send directly to the exit border or sea port where you receive them.
However, all vehicles have to undergo customs procedures and need to be correctly temporarily imported and exported. We handle all paperwork and permits for you.

What do I need to consider if I enter in a group of vehicles?

You have to consider that you enter with your vehicle China as part of a group. This means that on all official transit papers the group size with all vehicle specifications are mentioned. This means that we have to change the permit for you if one vehicle in your group will not enter China.
For example, it is possible that a part of the group for various reason can not make it to the border in time to enter China. Please tell us in advance so we can make necessary changes and inform the authorities beforehand.

Is the guide my watchdog during the journey?

We often receive curious enquiries regarding the mandatory guide. Many Overland travellers think the guide is a government liaison or in another way directly associated with the authorities. This is not the case:
All of our guides have many years of experience and will assist you the best way possible during your China Overland Tour. In addition, our guides have the national guiding license which enables them to be your guide. They are private persons who make a living with guiding.  They are not hired nor payed by the authorities not will they they report your activities to the authorities. Your guide is hired by Tibetmoto and he/she receives the salaries for their work from us.
Your guide also makes sure that you respect the agreement and the itinerary which is base for your China transit. He is also liable for you and can lose the national guiding license if you deviated from the agreed-on route or violate Chinese rules, regulations and laws.

What happens if I am delayed while on my Overland tour in China or Tibet?

There are many reasons why this could happen, for example you have become sick and need some time or your vehicle broke down and the repair shop has difficulties to fix it right away.
In such cases -if you have to stay in China longer than planned- we need to calculate the additional guide costs and expenses for changing the permits (if necessary).
Whatever happens, your local guide will offer you support and assist you in every possible way. And people say that our great China based office can also work miracles.

What happens if I do not arrive at the entry border in time?

Your guide will wait for you at the entry border and we will change the entry date on the permits and paperwork for you. Please understand that there are additional costs involved with this procedure and also the guide expects payment for additional days and for the waiting time.
Generally speaking, punctuality is a prerequisite for a smooth journey.

Can I enter China with my own vehicle, leave the vehicle behind and leave the country?

This is not possible. Those who enter China with their own vehicle must leave the country again together with the same vehicle.
There are a few exceptions of this rule, for example if you ship your vehicle from China to another country and you fly out.

On which day should I enter China?

Generally, it is possible to enter on a working day (Mo-Fr), but not on weekends or public holidays.
If you decide to enter on a Friday, you can only receive your necessary documents at the traffic administration such as provisional Chinese driving license and provisional number plate on the next working day (Monday, if Monday is not a holiday). As well, the vehicle check can only take place on that day. However, there are some exceptions. Some border can be crossed on a Friday and you can receive the necessary documents on the same day (not at borders in Xinjiang province).

Do I need a Chinese visa in advance? Do you need a visa copy in advance?

When traveling to China, an advance visa is always necessary. A visa on arrival will not be issued at any Chinese land border.
You should apply for a Chinese visa in your home country and not in a third country on the way to China (which has become increasingly difficult in resent years, depending on the country of application).
Once the Chinese tourist visa is issued, you have 90 days to enter China. For example you plan to enter China on September 15; in this case, the earliest application date for your China visa is June 15. Exeptions to this rule are made for business visa holders who can apply for their business visa six month prior to the planned entry.
Please note that in some countries it is not possible to apply for a Chinese visa if you are not a resident of this country. For example, its not possible to apply for a Chinese visa at the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan if you are not a resident of Kyrgyzstan or have lived there for at least six month and hold a residence permit.
In 2019 it was very easy to apply for a Chinese visa in Tbilisi (Georgia) on the way to China, even for non-residents (however, this can change any time).
We need your Chinese visa scan at least 35 days in advance (before you enter as a China Overland traveller with your own vehicle).

Do you help me with applying for a Chinese visa?

After booking with us, but not longer than three month in advance prior to your China Overland entry date, we will provide you with an official hotel booking list as a reference for the application of the Chinese visa.
You will also need other supporting documents. To better understand the process you will receive further information after booking.

It is generally possible to apply for a Chinese visa without an agent and by yourself. However, many people prefer to use an agent because they feel its more convenient. We also strongly recommend to use an agent since the application procedure is frequently changing.

In the past it was possible to obtain a Letter of Invitation (LOI) for the Overland traveller, but unfortunately not anymore.

Can I bring a drone into China?

Although many drones are manufactured in China, it is not allowed to bring a drone into the country. If you do, the drone can be confiscated. Foreigners are generally not permitted to fly a drone in China.

Can I carry fuel canisters?

This depends on the province. Full fuel canisters are officially prohibited in the provinces Xinjiang and Tibet. When you enter China, your fuel canisters should be empty since customs has the right to confiscate them if they find them filled up with fuel. Please send us an email if spare fuel in canisters are absolutely necessary for the successful completion of your trip.

Range fear. What should be the minimum vehicle range?

China is a country featuring vast distances. In the remote areas of Western China towns and villages are often far apart with very little infrastructure in between. Your vehicle should have an appropriate range of at least 350 to 400 kilometres. Especially in Tibet there are stretches where are no petrol stations in between settlements.
See also the questions about petrol canisters.

Do all motor vehicles have to be declared?

All vehicles imported temporarily into China must be declared, even if they are not driven during the journey or are broken down and can not be operated. This may be the case if a small motor vehicle is transported by a 4x4 truck or on a trailer.
There are no exceptions to this rule.

90 days China transit time is not enough. What can I do?

The only option is to leave the country on day 90 and re-enter afterwards. A prolongation of the transit time is not possible without leaving the country.

I want to travel in China more than 30 days, but I can only apply for a 30 days tourist visa. What shall I do?

It is the very best if you can obtain a visa with the correct time window for your journey through China. Please inform yourself about Chinese tourist visa validities in your country before you apply for your Chinese visa.
Many visa agencies offer comprehensive visa services for a small fee and can arrange a visa with a longer validity.
In some cases you can get an extension for your visa for another 30 days after you arrive in China. In some places, it will only take 24 hours. It is important to choose the right place to apply so it doesn’t take too long and we can help you finding out.

I have special communication equipment with me. Will this be a problem when entering China?

Bringing in special communication gear such as radio equipment or satellite phones have never been a problem before. However, it depends on the individual case and the specific border. Therefore, we can’t answer this question categorically. Please notify us beforehand and we will inquire with customs and police at the entry border.

I have special film gear with me and will be doing professional film work...

...working for a TV production company or directly for the ARD or BBC, and want to shoot a documentary/movie/series/reality show in China or Tibet, and wish to enter the country overland with my own vehicle. Is this possible?
In addition to the normal transit papers you must also have film permits, such as permits issued by CARFTE. In such a case, we work with partners who can help with getting the necessary permits. Close cooperation between Tibetmoto, the film production company and our partner is necessary, as well as a preparatory period of three to four months for planning and implementation.

Is the border between Nepal and China for overland travel open again?

The new border crossing near Gyirong (Girong) replaced the old border at Zhangmu/Kodari after the 2015 earthquake, but was closed again due to construction until spring 2018.
the new exit border is also called Jilongzhen, Jilong or Kilong and will permanently replace the old border crossing at Zhangmu/Kodari.
In 2018 we were the very first company applying successfully exit papers for a large overland group from Germany.

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