Volcano & Hotsprings Cycling Trip, Yunnan

Volcano & Hotsprings Cycling Trip

8 Days – Family Trip

On this trip we spend our nights in Teng Chong, an ancient village surrounded by dormant volcanoes and close to the Burmese border. Day trips take us through Teng Chong’s lush scenery, which includes sub-tropical vegetation, wild wetlands, volcanic valleys, and vast rice field terraces in the beautiful shades of blue, green, yellow and turquoise. Each day we ride to a different destination, such as the multi-colored He Hua hot springs, the Die Shui He waterfall (famous for being the only within city waterfall in China), and He Shun, a small, fairly unknown village that has retained the feel of ancient China. Teng Chong’s night market features a mix of food from the local Dai, Yi, and Burmese cuisines. With easy day trips and plenty of sightseeing, this tour is perfect for families.

Tour Details

Route Description

Daily itinerary

1Arrival in Teng Chong: Dinner Meeting – Introductions – Briefing
2Teng Chong – Hehua: We will start our journey at the He Hua hot springs. A fantastic view of the mountains will welcome us at the He Hua Hot Springs. The hot spring place has many different pools, with temperatures ranging from 37C (98F) to 44C (111F). Some of the pools contain milk or other natural additives. Between the pools, abundant plants and ferns create the impression of a tropical environment.
Non alcoholic beverages and snacks are constantly available for free. A buffet dinner (mildly spiced Yunnan style food) is served between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM. 56 KM
3Teng Chong to Heshun: After breakfast at Tengchong, we will ride to the Qing-style village of He Shun (35 km, the road is sealed and mildly hilly). He Shun is famous its 15th century residents who, after financially succeeding abroad, reinvested back in the village, They created a charming place to live and visit, yet preserved the village in its original Qing medieval style.
We arrive at the village in the early afternoon. We will spend the rest of the day exploring He Shun on our bikes (3-5 km). Jade shops, bars and restaurants are scattered along the stone paved alleys. Towards the center of the village, shops become scarce until they completely disappear, giving way to old and original residential houses. Near the top of the village, the ride is quite steep but enjoyable. After returning to the base of the village, we will ride to Yuan Long Tan, a delightful duck pond surrounded by old style houses and water mills. Nearby, we will visit a serene
and quiet Daoist temple. Overnight stay in a guesthouse in He Shun: from the rooms, there is a superb view of a valley and mountains. 7 KM
4Around Heshun: in the early morning we visit the vegetable market at the center of He Shun. Starting from around 7 AM and going until 10-11 AM, the market is bustling with local vendors and buyers from the tribal villages nearby. Excursion to the He Shun library, constructed and funded with money provided by residents of the 15th century who made their fortunes abroad. From He Shun, we will ride uphill to Die Shui He, which is at the outskirts of Teng Chong (5km). This impressive waterfall is the only in-city waterfall in China, and it is well worth a visit. The massive body of water can be appreciated from several viewpoints, including one just above the falls. We will then ride back to He Shun- taking the same route downhill. 13 KM
5Heshun – Qu Shi: a famous local proverb in Teng Chong is that “9 of 10 mountains have no head”. After breakfast in He Shun we ride a distance of 30 km on a paved and hilly road
to the volcanic park (Huo Shan Guo Jia Gong Yuan) north of the city. First,we will arrive in Ma Zhan, a little town at the entrance to the park. About 1 km from the center of town, we will park our bikes and ascend on foot to the top of Xiao Kong Shan (literally meaning: “small empty mountain”) – about 500 stairs. The volcanic crater is filled with rubble from ancient eruptions. The top offers a spectacular view of the volcanic park.
Following lunch we ride 15 km on a country-side road to Zhu Zhuang Jie Li, a striking geological formation consisting of hexagonal stone-pillars called “columnar joints”.
If weather permits, we will camp there overnight. Alternatively, we ride a few km to the town of Qu Shi and stay overnight in one of the guesthouses in town. 45 KM
6Qu Shi – Teng Chong: From Qu Shi, we will ride a distance of 35 km (paved and hilly road) to the Bei Hai (“North Sea”) wetland reserve. We will arrive in Bei Hai before lunch, but we will first ride through rice fields and a couple of villages on the west side of the reserve. Villagers may agree to take us on a fishing boat to tour the wetland. If a fishing boat is not available at the village, we will cycle back to the official entrance of the reserve, on the east side of the wetlands, where we can
take a short walk on a wooden path- into the heart of the wetland. Buffaloes, ducks, birds, wetland grass and seasonal flowers offer a glimpse of natural life in the wetlands. We will then ride back to Teng Chong (12 km).
After settling into the hotel (north of the city), we will walk to the night market at the city center. For dinner, we can choose either barbecue or hot pot at one of the restaurants of the night market. Watching popular street dances (and even joining if you want) close to our hotel. 37 KM
7Teng Chong – Cherry Valley: we end our visit “with a cherry on top”: we ride to the west of the city, on a rocky and bumpy road, to the hot springs of Ying Hua Gu (“Cherry valley”)- the perfect place to relax our bodies and minds. We return to Teng Chong using the same route . 44 KM
8Depature day: All good things come to an end! The tour end after breakfast in Teng Chong.

Duration: 8 days
Cycling days: 6
Total cycling distance: 202 km Group size: Min 1 / Max 12

Included service :
7 overnight stays
Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch
Mineral water and snacks
Entrance fee tickets to sights
Tour leader
Quality, well-maintained mountain bike
Airport pick-up
Bike tools and spare parts
Support vehicle and driver
Support organizing your trip to China
Support with your Chinese visa application in your country
Price: 790 EUR p.p. (adults) 720 EUR p.p. (children) in a group of four. Prices for smaller / larger groups on request.

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