Yunnan Motorcycle Family Friendly – Travel around the most beautiful place in China

Yunnan Motorcycle Family Friendly – Travel around the most beautiful place in China

Discover Yunnan and its many landscapes and climates. The most beautiful region of China awaits you for this family trip where one or both of you can/will be able to satisfy their motorcycle passion. A circuit adapted for families and parents. Incredible sensations on the splendid mountain bends, through the Tibetan mountains? Your family comfortably settled in the car and enjoying the breathtaking scenery?…. Today we combine the comfort of a classic and family circuit with the sensations of skiing and adventure you have come to expect so much. No need to choose between motorcycle travel with friends or family travel. Our tour proposes it to you… Come and try the experience with your family: the splendors of Yunnan’s old towns, walks and hikes in the deepest gorges in the world, the discovery of Tibetan territory and so many other experiences await you… 

Tour Overview

Date:On Request
Price:On Request
Highlights/Itinerary Kunming-Dali-Shaxi-Tacheng-Jiabe-Feilaisi – Benzilan-Shangri-la-Tiger Leaping Gorges
Difficulty /
Duration/Length:12 days
 Family adventure  motorcycle tour
Motos:Shineray X5 400 / BMW F 800 GS/ BMW G 310 GS

Daily Itinerary: Yunnan Motorcycle Family Friendly – Travel around the most beautiful place in China

DayRoute: Description


Arrival in Kunming. Bus transfer to the train station and continuation of the high-speed flight to Dali. Or with a connecting flight to Dali,
Airport or train station transfer to the hotel in the old town of Dali.


Dali :

Visiting day Dali: Early in the morning (only in good weather) you take the cable car up to the viewing platform of the Cangshan Mountains at an altitude of almost 4,000 metres. Hike back to the Gantong Temple (2-3 hours, easy on paved paths). In between you can take the cable car to shorten the way.
In the afternoon we visit the old town and pick up the motorbike


Dali – Shaxi:

Drive to Xizhou. In this small old town, 30 kilometres from Dali, the traditional Xizhou Baba (bread) is baked in wood ovens. Short city walk. If you like, you can visit the shore of Lake Erhai on a small peninsula.
Drive to Shaxi.
The way to Shaxi leads over a remote and winding mountain road, through small villages and along colourful travel and grain fields. Here the original China can be experienced.
Shaxi lies like many other places on the historical tea trade road. Even today it reminds of this time. So also the old town completely built of wood, the curved stone bridge over the river and the village square with the theatre stage built of wood. Walk through the old town and visit a traditional backyard house from the time of the Qing Dynasty.
In the late afternoon the children can take horses and ride through the village and the adjacent fields – just like the traders of the tea trade route over a hundred years ago.


Shaxi – Tacheng:

Short drive to Shibaoshan (stone treasure mountain). Here you can see the oldest stone masonry work in southern China, and you get an impression of how prosperous, well connected and important the place was 1200 years ago. There are also important Taoist temples built into a rock face and a monkey colony to visit.
Soon we reach Shigu, China’s longest river with 6380 meters and the third longest in the whole world. In Shigu the Yangtze makes its first bend of 170 degrees on its way out of the Himalayas. The wide valley with the meandering river takes the whole panorama as far as the eye can see.
Due to the shallow water the armies of Kubilai Khan and the People’s Liberation Army crossed the river on their conquests. We follow the river directly beside the mighty river through floodplain forests and isolated small villages along the riverbank road. In Tacheng there is the option to visit two Tibetan Buddhist mountain monasteries with remote mountain roads.
In Tacheng the world of the Tibetans begins, which will be explored in the coming days.


Tacheng – Jiabe:

We leave the Yangtze and drive into the Mekong Valley. We drive on winding roads along the Mekong from the jungle upstream into the barren, moon-like gorges of the Himalayas. Here a Tibetan family awaits us for dinner in their typical farmhouse, situated in a green oasis in a small village with ancient walnut trees.
The roof terrace overlooks Kawa Karpo’s 6,700 metre high peak for a cold beer, while the children can explore the village, the farmhouse and the animals.
Above the village there is a small saddle from which you have a spectacular view of the Mekong.


Jiabe – Feilaisi – Benzilan:

In the morning the fields visit the village. Here you get an impression of how the village community makes a living and what the fertile valley provides.
Drive to Feilaisi. From a viewing platform we can see the Kawa Karpo, the holy mountain of the Tibetans. Then we go up to the 4300m high pass of the White Horse. Behind it lies the important Dunzhuling Monastery. It goes far down to the Yangtze where we enjoy a breathtaking view. Benzilan, the destination of the day, is only 1,900 meters above sea level.


 Benzilan – Shangri-la: 

Short drive to Shangri-la, a picturesque town with a beautiful old town at 3,400 metres above sea level. In the afternoon we visit the colorful and with a height of over 20 meters largest prayer wheel of the world. If you want to improve your karma, you can turn the prayer wheel with the locals. But attention: Three times around is minimum! Then we go with strengthened Karma into the old town of Shangri-la to stroll.
In the afternoon we make a detour to Napa Lake. Here, on the grassland shore of the lake, the children can ride a horse or go for a walk. If you want to hike longer over the grassland, you can walk from Da Bao Temple to Shangri-la.


Shangri-la – Tiger Leaping Gorges: 

From Shangri-la, the road winds its way up to 3,700 metres above sea level. We drive through the area of the Naxi and the Lisu, who often live here only in simple wooden huts. Suddenly we reach the Tiger Jump Gorge – one of the deepest gorges in the world. Above the gorge stands the 5,500 meter high Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Range. Smooth cliffs on both sides often rise more than 2,000 meters. The road is not secured by crash barriers and numerous bends lead to the highest point of the gorge.
In the early afternoon, after arriving at the guesthouse, we descend on foot into the gorge to the tiger jump rock. The rock is accessible via a wooden suspension bridge and is washed by the raging Yangtze on both sides. Via steep ladders the path leads back to the road and the guesthouse. You can also take the easier, but longer route back as you came.
Attention: This hike is only recommended for people with a good stamina and absolute head for heights – it is not a walk. It goes without saying that good sturdy shoes should be worn. For those who don’t want to or can’t do this to themselves, there is an alternative drive to a panoramic terrace further down in the valley with easier access. However, this terrace is often very well visited by Chinese bus groups.
We spend the night in a simple guesthouse in the gorge.


Tigers Leaping Gorges:

Today the high trail is taken – here you can also rent horses. The 28 bends in the path lead up to the Tiger Jumping Gorge. Overnight in a small guesthouse in the mountains.


Tigers Leaping Gorges – Lijiang :

In the early afternoon we reach the Baisha near Lijiang, which seems to stand still during this time. Baisha is the less touristic counterpart to Lijiang, the UNESCO World Heritage city and is only 10 kilometres to the north.
Afterwards we go to the old town of Lijiang, where we spend the day and walk through the small and winding alleys to visit the Black Dragon Pool, the landmark of southwest China.


Lijiang – Dali:

 The new motorway takes us quickly back to Dali. Before arrival the Daoist WuWei Kung-Fu Temple is visited. Kung-Fu is still taught there today by monks.



Dali Departure Amount. Transfer to the airport or train station.

=Estimation du temps de conduite (sans pauses)



Included services:

Shineray X5 400/BMW F 800 GS
Dinner, Mineral water
11 overnight stays in hotels and inns
German tour guide (English speaking) on own motorcycle and/or French Guide
Native tour guide (English speaking)
Escort vehicle with driver for passengers and baggage
Assistance with organising the trip to/from China
Assistance with applying for visa to China
Spare parts, engine oil
Temporary Chinese driving license

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