Why book a motorbike tour through China and Tibet with Tibetmoto?


Our tour to discover the western Tibetan is spectacular both by the encounters we will make there and by the landscapes we will see. We will cross gorges and passes at over 4000m altitude. This motorcycle tour will be a memory engraved forever in your memories!

Tibetmoto is the right partner for your Tibet motorcycle tour in China. We are specialists in exclusive, unique tours and expeditions that give you the opportunity to meet and experience the country, its people, and their cultures.
Our team knows China, Tibet and Laos from our own extensive travel experiences there, and some of us are natives. We offer unique tours based on our experiences and our passion for these countries.
Unfortunately, most of what is written in the western news articles is about China’s economic strength and the traffic and pollution problems that result from it. These stories are true, but only for about twenty percent of the country, at the most. One does not hear a lot about the other eighty percent: China’s wonderful countryside and the hospitality and warmth of the people. The best way for you to experience these things is on your individually planned motorcycle tour of China with Tibetmoto.
Due to its size, the destinations and regions that China can offer are more varied than any other country in the world. From the mighty mountain ranges of the Himalayas to the tropical and subtropical areas–it is here you can find wonderful, dreamlike destinations with the intimate nearness that only can be experienced on a motorcycle tour. For beginners and experienced riders, we recommend the provinces of Tibet and Yunnan and the regions of the Silk Road, where we have done very many tours.
Buddhist monasteries and temples, snow-capped mountains and vast lakes, rivers such as the Yangtze and the Mekong offer fascinating highlights on any of our tours in these regions. On your bike tour with Tibetmoto, you can meet Tibetan nomads or the people dwelling in half-forgotten villages and enjoy a relaxed evening after a long day on the bike.
Here, on this page, you can find detailed information about your China motorcycle tour. We offer some fixed dates, but we will also provide individual itineraries with individual departure times. All of our motorcycle tours have one thing in common: they let you take a deep look at the Chinese and Tibetan cultures, and provide an experience that will remain unforgettable.


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