Vehicle Logistics China

Vehicle Logistics China – What is it?

A journey through China with your own vehicle – is there a better way to explore the “Middle Kingdom”? While doing so, there are many questions, especially about the situation of Vehicle Logistics China. How will the vehicle be transported? What permits do you need and are you even allowed to drive on your own in China? With us at your side, Vehicle Logistics for China becomes easy-peasy.

We do not only arrange the vehicles’ transport by car transporter, by sea or by train, we also take care of all permits for your China overland journey. Because one of our main tasks is also the tourism logistics.

This is how the Vehicle Logistics for China works

If you want to transport your vehicle from or to China, it’s important to have an experienced and reliable vehicle logistics partner in China. Therefore, Tibetmoto cooperates with the leading companies in vehicle logistics and is able to cover all areas from packing to securing and transporting (all from one source). Furthermore we cooperate as an official partner with BMW Motorrad China.
Vehicle logistics in China has various ways to transport your vehicle. The “classic version” is of course by sea in the FCL container (20 or 40 feet in length). Here you can choose between different ports throughout the country:
Vehicle logistics China South Coast: Shenzhen and Guangzhou
Chinese East Coast: Shanghai, Suzhou
Chinese Northeast Coast: Tianjin

An alternative to transport by ship is the relatively new option of transport by rail, which is a highlight of vehicle logistics in ChinaFor example, your vehicle will be transported from Chengdu to Europe via the “New Silk Road”, which can be faster than shipping. In some cases even up to 60% faster. The New Silk Road, which is also called “One Belt, One Road” is a Chinese project aimed at consolidating and expanding the intercontinental infrastructure network between China, Asia, Europe and some African countries. It’s an important step in vehicle logistics for China.

We are also your partner for vehicle logistics in China for land transport. We organize everything for you, from the written application to the loading and transport. The cars’ transport on the car transporter, as well as the motorcycle logistics in China, e.g. packing them in safe motorbike boxes is no challenge for us.

Vehicle Logistics in China – One-Stop approvals

If you want to travel in China on a motorbike or with your own vehicle, it is necessary to take some bureaucratic obstaclesThis is not impossible but without language skills, this hurdle can quickly become a major challenge. This is exactly where we start and take care of the vehicle logistics in China for you. You don’t need to worry about (almost) anything anymore.
But how does vehicle logistics in China work? Before you can travel with your own vehicle through China you require various permits and documents. For example, your vehicle must have temporary Chinese license plates and you need a Chinese driver’s licenseWe at Tibetmoto arrange all the bureaucracy and in the field of vehicle logistics in China we take care of:
– Temporary vehicle imports including all customs authorizations and any deposits due at Chinese customs
The vehicle’s registration at the Chinese authorities including license plate and temporary Chinese driver’s license for you
– Authorizations from the Ministry of Public Security
Cover a Chinese vehicle insurance
– Etc.

Since our offerings are accompanied by an experienced guide who also works as a translator, you are assured that you won’t have any language problems. Also we complete the bureaucracy affairs in the field of tourism logistics in China quickly and easily, so that you can focus on the beautiful part of your China overland journey.

And if you are planning a very special event during your China Overland Tours our Event Support China has many offers and is happy to help you with it.


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