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Part 1: BMW 1200 GS Adventure on Tibetmoto´s South of the Clouds Yunnan Tour
Yunnan: Dali Oldtown – Shaxi – Tiger Leaping gorge – Shangri-la – Jiabe – Lijiang – Lugu lake – Chenghai lake – Dali
December 22nd, 2016

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Part 2: BMW 1200 GS Adventure on Tibetmoto´s South of the Clouds Yunnan Tour
Yunnan: Dali Oldtown – Shaxi – Tiger Leaping gorge – Shangri-la – Jiabe – Lijiang – Lugu lake – Chenghai lake – Dali
December 22nd, 2016

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Motorbike Expedition Westchina, Part3: Qinghai lake
 Qinghai lake
July 3rd, 2016

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Motorbike Expedition Westchina, Part2: In search of the source of the Yellow river
 Amne Machin – Maduo – Source of Yellow river
June 30th, 2016

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Motorbike Expedition Part1: Exploring the holy mountain of Anme Machin by motorbike
 Chengdu – Aba – Golog – Amne Machin
June 22nd, 2016

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 China motorbike scouting tour: Part 2 – to the Yellow River and Qinghai Lake
Seda – Langmuse – Labrang – Tongren – Yellow river – Qinghai lake – Xining
June 15th, 2016


We find ourselves once again experiencing a day of superlatives on our Chinese motorbike expedition. We manage six passes of more than 4000 metres before the day has ended. The 340 km stretch of road goes by as though we were flying, thanks to the perfect condition of the road. The asphalt quality allows a cool lean angle when cornering. However, for a while, it did not look like we were going to make it this far.

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 China motorbike scouting tour: Part 1–on the road to the monastery city of Seda
 Dali Oldtown – Shangri-la – Litang – Seda
June 11th, 2016

DSC_1373-001China is big, and there are many roads that are begging to be explored. On this scouting tour, we will plan a new tour with the MOTORRAD action team. This tour is supposed to be a trip full of superlatives. The idea is to do a motorbike tour along the borders of Tibet. We want to explore the central Asian, eastern Tibetan Qinghai., scouting the road conditions and hotels and working out the most exciting route.

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 The MOTORRAD action team in Southern China
 Dali Oldtown – Shaxi – Tiger Leaping gorge – Shangrila – Lijiang – Lugu lake – Chenghai lake
 May 12th, 2016


After two days without wheels in Beijing visiting the spectacular Great Wall and the Forbidden City, the motorcycle action team is hot to get driving. When we finally arrived in Dali in the heart of Yunnan, Hendrik’s house supplied a nourishing “action team breakfast”. The Shineray X5 400 motorbikes, neatly lined up, surround the breakfast table.

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 Matthias riding in Yunnan with Tibetmoto
 Dali Oldtown – Shaxi – Tiger Leaping gorge – Shangri-la – Jiabe – Lijiang – Lugu lake – Chenghai lake – Dali
May 10th, 2016

we were thinking of putting this picture for the last scene but perhaps a pic will look bad since it would be the only pic in a videoThis blog article was published first on the private website of Matthias Stepponat on  stepponat.de. Thank you very much for letting us put it on tibetmoto.de.

After this the tour took us through endless turns and small mountain roads to Shangri-La to spend there one night on an altitude of approx. 3.200m and spin the biggest prayer wheel in the world. A few of us suffered already at that night under a shortage of breath. We are following the „Pass of the White Horse“ and eventually we will arrive on an altitude of 4.292m – NOW it is hard to breathe for everybody. Especially the Motorbikes!

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 Ride to Chenghai lake and the Yangtze river
 Dali Oldtown – Xiaguan – Binchuan – Chenghai lake
 March 25th, 2016


The off-season has always been for new discoveries. How many places have you always wanted to visit that are only a couple of hours away – or even closer? There has always been this blue spot on the physical and very detailed map in our office – Chenghai lake – just south-east of Lijiang. No official scenic spots, overrated vistas, no recommendations in travel guide books – just waiting there for exploration. Perfect for a two days Tibetmoto Motorbike Explorer Trip!

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Tibetmoto is celebrating Tibetan New Year “Losar” 
 Jiabe village, Deqen county, northernmost part of Yunnan
 March 23rd, 2016


As we do every year, we spent the Tibetan New Year in “our” Tibetan village of Jiabe. Jiabe is located in the northernmost part of Yunnan Province near the town of Deqen, on the shores of the mighty Mekong river. The village is at about the same altitude as Dali (2200 meters), but the climate here is warmer and drier. In this blog post, I will explain how Tibetans of this region celebrate Losar and the beginning of the Year of the Monkey.

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 Ride to Yunnan´s Largest Goldmine
Dali – Erhai lake – Beiya village – Yangtze river – Chenghai lake
 January 11th, 2016

Spiderweb of roads fpr easy accessIt was a nice warm and sunny Sunday morning in December and my friend Chris and I decided to take a ride to Yunnan´s largest gold mine near the village of Beiya (北衙) in the northwest of Yunnan. The S221 is nowadays less frequently used since the new highway, connecting Dali with Lijiang, was opened in December 2014. All restaurants were closed at the time of visit. The villages clearly saw better times, but riding on the curvy mountain roads with only a few vehicles passing by makes a much better ride.

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 China Laos Overland Motorbike Tour Spring 2014
Dali – Jinhong – Luang Prabang – Vientiane
May 11th,  2014

Village in Laos

I had never been to China before, so by the time I had been picked up at the airport and zoomed off into the southern city of Kunming, I was filled with a feeling of giddy anticipation. In two days I’d be climbing onto my mechanical horse, a Qingqi Liger 250. Hendrik calls it an ‘Enduro’: “from ‘endurance’ in German, because you can ride forever on or off road!” .

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