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Our Tibetan Homestay Yunnan

Deep in the vast gorges of the upper Mekong river lies, like an oasis, the little and cozy village of Jiabe. For some years, our well known guest family allows us to visit them and enjoy Tibetan culture with everything you probably could dream of: Self-made honey and wine and you’ll be served a traditional Tibetan dinner. Staying here in our Tibetan Homestay Yunnan and enjoying the rural mountain area will be an unforgettable event.

The world seems to be standing still there and you get the chance to explore ancient Tibetan traditions and culture. The Tibetan Homestay Yunnan can be found in the small village, which today has about 150 inhabitants. It consists of a spacious, two-story residential building which has two terraces from where you can see the snowcapped Meili Xue Shan Mountain in the south, in case the weather is good enough. Below the house of the Tibetan Homestay Yunnan there’s the stable housing goat, pigs, cows, chickens and a dog. Furthermore you can find several fields in the garden which allows the Tibetan family to grow their own vegetables. A traditional Tibetan meal will be prepared with the home-grown vegetables and other lovely specialties. One of them is the homemade walnut oil. Because of the countless walnut trees, which can be found everywhere in the village, there is the opportunity of own production.

To enjoy dinner with all the various specialties will definitely be a unique experience. While sitting in the spacious living room of our Tibetan Homestay Yunnan which has the typical shaping of woodcarvings on the wall, a wide Buddhist shrine and a constant flaming stove you’ll get an authentic and sincere atmosphere. After having dinner in the warm parlor, it’s obligatory and winning to drink the home-made ara (a barley liquor). If the weather is sufficient you gain a majestic view into the unpolluted starry sky which makes you dream and the calm nights provide a deep and restful sleep. At our Tibetan Homestay Yunnan you’ll get a wonderful breakfast and lunch which includes Baba, a traditional Tibetan bread and a self-made butter tea. For children, it could be a nice experience to help the farmers milking the cows in the morning or to go on an exploring adventure with the numerous children from the neighborhood. The sunny afternoons are perfect for relaxing hikes, for which the Tibetan Homestay Yunnan offers the ideal starting point. You can try different ways to get into the surrounding mountains, as well as on a ridge in the southeast of the village, from where the vastness of the Mekong valley can be beautifully surveyed. Not far away, there is the for Tibetans holy snow mountain Kawa Karpo which is also known as the gateway to Tibet.




Simon Urwin, professional Photographer and his pictures from our Tibetan Homestay




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