The Motorcycles

Yamaha YBR 250: The YBR has an excellent road behavior, especially on curvy roads, and it is very balanced. The bike was developed for Asian road conditions, and with the fuel-injected 250cc strong four-stroke engine the thin air in Tibet won’t give you a hard time. You will appreciate this bike, its easy to ride and very maneuverable.

Max. Speed: 120 km/h – 249 cc – 1 Cylinder / 4 Stroke – 138 kg (fully fueled) – Ground Clearance: 190mm


Qingqi LIGER 250: Qingqi Jinan is one of the biggest Chinese motorcycle companies, producing motorbikes since 1956. With its new generation motorcycles and the LIGER series, Qingqi started to market its products internationally. The LIGER convinced us of riding on gravel and on unsteady road conditions smoothly, as well as on curvy mountain roads. We like the bike for its reliance, easy handling, and light weight. One of the best motorbikes you can get in China.

Max. Speed: 110 km/h – 249 cc – 1 Cylinder / 4 Stroke – 141 kg (fully fueled) – Ground Clearance: 240mm

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