Private Tours Beijing, Xi’an and Central China

China´s Highlights & Hidden Treasures – A Journey through the Middle Kingdom

Beijing – Datong (Yungang Grotto) – Pingyao Old Town – Guoliang Cliffs & Tunnel – Luoyang – Longmen-Grotto – Mt. Hua Shan – Terracotta Warrior Army of Xi´an

On request / 14 days

This 4×4 tour takes you to the highlights of China. Discover the Great Wall and Forbidden City of Beijing and drive on countryside roads of this vast empire to the Terracotta army of the first emperor and further to Xi’an. On the way we will discover Buddhist cave temples that are thousands of years old, sacred mountains, old towns, the most adventurous cliff tunnel in the world, the shores of the Yellow River and the cradle of Chinese culture. An adventurous journey through the Middle Kingdom.

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Experience in several days the greatest natural and cultural sights of Shangri-la, Lijiang, th
Nanzhao Kingdom and tropical Xishuangbanna or travel weeks or even months non-stop
throughout Tibet, China and neighboring countries:
A specially designed individual tour allows you to experience China, Tibet and beyond. Exactly the way you want, when you want. Family friendly or an adventurous expedition? In any case, our team will show you the hidden gems
of your destination. Give us information on your travel ideas and what you would like to see and we will send you an individually designed offer. From Beijing to Lhasa overland, from Lhasa on the the Silk Road to Inner Mongolia, or even to southeast Asia? No idea is too special, nothing is impossible.

Get in touch with our team to request your tailor made tour and make your travel dream happen!

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