Private Tours Silk Road

12 Days along the northern Silk Road

Kashgar – Karakul Lake – Shitoucheng – Shipton’s Arch – Jiaohe Ruins – Gaocheng – Tianshan Mountain & Lake – Mogao Caves – Crescent Moon Lake

On request / 12 days

The Route does not only lead past astonishing mountain ranges but also desert landscapes and offers some verdant Oasis. Our Tour will make the highlights of this region accessible to you and brings you to Xinjiang, Chinas largest province and home of the Uyghurs, as well as to the very western part of the Gansu province

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14 Days Silk Road and Taklamakan Desert

Kashgar – Karakul Lake – Shitoucheng – Hotan – Taklamakan Desert – Jiaohe Ruins – Gaocheng – Mogao Caves – Crescent Moon Lake

On request / 14 days

All the way in the West of China the journey is starting through the largest province of China Xinjiang and a small part of the province Gansu. The route leads partly along the northern and southern Silk Road. Special will be a Trip into the Taklamakan Desert, the second largest sand desert worldwide.

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7 Days in the diverse Westchina

Urumqi – Jiaohe Ruins – Gaocheng – Mogao Caves – Crescent Moon Lake

On request / 7 days

A short trip through the diverse landscapes of West China. From high mountains to sand and stone deserts, everything is included. The week starts in Urumqi, the captial of Xinjiang, and continues directly on the next day to the breathtaking Tianshan Mountain & Lake.

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10 Days in Xinjiang

Tianshan Berg & See – Jiaohe Ruinen – Gaocheng  – Kashgar – Karakul See – Shitoucheng

On request / 10 days

Experience in 10 days the diversity of Chinas largest province. Xinjiang, home of the Uyghurs, is know for its desert landscapes and verdant oasis. You will start the journey in Urumqi and visit the Tianshan Mountain & Lake on the next day.

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Experience in several days the greatest natural and cultural sights of Shangri-la, Lijiang, th
Nanzhao Kingdom and tropical Xishuangbanna or travel weeks or even months non-stop
throughout Tibet, China and neighboring countries:
A specially designed individual tour allows you to experience China, Tibet and beyond. Exactly the way you want, when you want. Family friendly or an adventurous expedition? In any case, our team will show you the hidden gems
of your destination. Give us information on your travel ideas and what you would like to see and we will send you an individually designed offer. From Beijing to Lhasa overland, from Lhasa on the the Silk Road to Inner Mongolia, or even to southeast Asia? No idea is too special, nothing is impossible.

Get in touch with our team to request your tailor made tour and make your travel dream happen!

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