Active-Trekking Family Tour through Sichuan

Family-Tour through Sichuan: Active-Trekking in Sichuans National Reserves

A unique travel adventure can be experienced with our family tour through Sichuan. Here you come as close to nature and culture as it is rarely the case. Because of the possibility to explore the country with its many hiking tours by foot, you’ll get an even deeper insight into how the things are going on. The family tour through Sichuan offers many varied attractions so that it’ll fascinate each family member and becomes an unforgettable experience.

A highlight will be to visit a Panda Station which might be interesting for the children because they not only get the opportunity to get very close to the animals, but also to act as an animal keeper. In this way they get a unique look behind the scenes. On this family tour through Sichuan it’s also possible for the animal lovers among us to explore the grasslands of Tagong with horses. Because there the saying “The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse” might become true. Every time the extensive grasslands impress their visitors with its lush green colorfulness and will remain in memory for a long time. A very special experience on this family tour through Sichuan will be to spend the night with a nomadic family and to get in touch with locals. To see how they live and to interact culturally with them is a very special experience for the whole family.

For more unique experiences, the family tour through Sichuan offers other attractions, such as the hot springs of Hailuogou National Park. Because is there anything better than to relax in a hot bath after a long and eventful day while digesting the newly gained impressions?

To intensify the cultural aspect of this family tour through Sichuan, you will stop at various temples, monasteries and churches to admire their impressive architecture. In addition, their locations provide the perfect starting point for further hikes, which can be individually designed. In some cases, the families on their tour through Sichuan are free to choose their own hiking routes. However, it is assured that, whether the route is short or long, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of impressive mountains and valleys. Furthermore, visitors will be amazed by the extraordinary river landscapes and also the significant rock faces of Mt. Siguniang, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will fascinate you on this family tour through Sichuan. In this way the several and varied hiking trails provide a unique travel experience and will definitely be remembered for their visitors.


Date:On Request
Price:On Request
Highlights/ Route:Chengdu – Wolong – Xiaojin – Siguniang National Reserve – Danba – Tagong –
Hailuogou Forrest Park – Moxi – Kangding
Length:~ 1,000 Kilometers
Duration:11 days
CharacterSichuan Family-Tour with Nature activities
Hotels:High class and middle class hotels, one night at a Tibetan homestay (bathroom not on-suite)
Vehicles:15-seat Van or 2 x Toyota Land Cruiser
Conditions:Good roads, appr. 95% asphalted. Often curvy mountain routes with low average speed.

Unfortunately Google Maps one gives a simple overview of the route. A lot of smaller roads, we will take, cannot be shown.

Family-Tour through Sichuan with Active-Trekking Highlights

TagRoute: Beschreibung
1Arrival in Chengdu: Transfer to the Hotel. Acclimatization, Visit of the WuHao-Temple and the city’s Tibetan areas.
2Chengdu: Short trip to the Panda-Centre. You will have the opportunity to get very close to the animals. The children can take care of the Pandas, including helping to clean their space. In the evening we visit the famous “face changing” opera where the children can get the traditional make-up.
3Chengdu – Wolong – Xiaojin/Siguniang: After a short stop at the Wolong Panda Reserve, we will head to Xiaojin, which shows itself as the gate to the Mt. Siguniang/4 sisters mountain range. The Mt. Singuniang is a UNESCO-Nature heritage and also called “the Alps of the Orient”. Near there, the Chengdu Pandas are getting back in the nature. We will spend rwo days in the National Park.
284 km, 5 hours
4Siguniang Aktiv-Tag: there are three very nice valleys in the park (Changping Valley, Haizi Valley and Shuangqiao Valley) where you can explore different trekking routes. They usually start and end at the same spot. The durations of these takes between 3-7 hours, depending on which one you take.  The longest route is in the Changping Valley, where we reach the Mt. Siguniang’s west side to see enormous rock-walls. Also very recommenable is a day-trip through the haizi valley until reaching Laoniuyuanzi. The shortest route would be in the Haizi Valley or Shuangqiao Valley (2-3 hours).
5Siguniang – Danba – Tagong: We are driving to Danba, at the shore of Dadu River. Near the shores, there were built a lot of security towers to prevent attacks of pirates back in the day. These towers can be visited. Our accomodation is a unique Eco-lodge, with sauna and just 4 rooms. This lodge is owned by an American. In Tagong, we can visit the small monastery and the town-center.   
169 km, 3 hours
6Tagong (Trekking Day 1): Today, we can do a horseback ride or a trekking route (with additional horse for the luggage) in the grassland of Tagong. The Guide and a nomade will join. We visit a temple and do a grassland-picnic, if the weather allows, and spend the night with the nomade family. Trekkig-/riding-length: 6 hours
7Tagong (Trekking Day 2): Yaks can be milked in the morning. After breakfast we are heading to the Gyergo-nuns monastery for a visit, to learn more about the culture and to see the Mani-Stonewall. Transfer back to the lodge. Trekking-/riding-length: 6 hours.
8Tagong – Hailuogou Nationalpark: Before the reach the Hailuogou National Park on this day, it’s possible to visit the Yanzigou Park, which offers an amazing view on Mt. Gongga’s east side. The Mt. Gonggga is the biggest mountain of Sichuan with 7.556 meters of height. The Hailuogou Park is devided in 4 different base camps. Highly recommended is camp 2 with its nice hot springs. To reach the other camps, the Park Bus or the Cable Car can be used, also trakking is possible as an alternative. We will stay in this Park for 2 nights.
182 km; 5 hours
9Hailuogou Active-Day: A bath in the hot springs or a trip to the glaciers can be done here. You can use the cable car to go around the different camps, from Camp 4, there is a perfect view on the Mt. Gongga’s peak.
10Hailuogou – Moxi old town – Kangding: On our way back leaving the Hailuguo National Reserve, we visit the old town of Moxi. There are some sights like a gothic church, a former seat of the Red Army, the Luding Bridge and a lot of temples to explore. In Kangding we visit the Anjue Temple and other monasteries nearby. A short hiking trip on one of three hills, which are surrounding Kangding, allows a beautiful view.
109 km; 2,5 hours
11Kangding – Chengdu: End of the tour. Transfer to the airport and flight back to Chengdu.


Inkludierte Leistungen:

Vehicle (Van) with driver
Spending the nights in high class or middle class hotels, one simple over-night stay
All entrance-fees
Trekking-Tour in Tagong with 2 horses to ride and one additional horse for the luggage, one nomade guide and over-night-stays at the eco-lodge and  with a nomade family
english speking travel guide
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Flight booking serice




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