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Sichuan Trekking and National Parks

Chengdu – Wolong – Siguniang National Reserve – Danba – Tagong -Hailuogou Forest Park – Moxi – Kangding – Chengdu

On request / 13 days


This Sichuan Trekking and National Parks will take you to the most beautiful places in the region. We will climb mountains, spend several days on horseback. Meet, and spend time with a nomad family, sleep in their yurt and share a dinner outdoor, under the stars. This trip will leave us full memories, as much by the encounters as by the landscapes we will see. Mystic mountains, crystalline lakes, pastures of Yaks … 13 days trekking throught mountain and national parks, discovering undiscovered Sichuan


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Yunnan Motorcycle Family Friendly – Travel around the most beautiful place in China

Kunming-Dali-Shaxi-Tacheng-Jiabe-Feilaisi – Benzilan-Shangri-la-Tiger Leaping Gorges

On request / 12 days


Discover Yunnan and its many landscapes and climates. The most beautiful region of China awaits you for this family trip where one or both of you can/will be able to satisfy their motorcycle passion. A circuit adapted for families and parents. Incredible sensations on the splendid mountain bends, through the Tibetan mountains? Your family comfortably settled in the car and enjoying the breathtaking scenery?…. Today we combine the comfort of a classic and family circuit with the sensations of skiing and adventure you have come to expect so much. No need to choose between motorcycle travel with friends or family travel. Our tour proposes it to you… Come and try the experience with your family: the splendors of Yunnan’s old towns, walks and hikes in the deepest gorges in the world, the discovery of Tibetan territory and so many other experiences await you… 


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13 Days Travel – Yunnan Trekking Tour

Kunming, Dali, hike on Cangshan, Shaxi: Hike up to Shibaoshan, Lijiang: Yulongxueshan, hike to the tiger leasing gorges, Baishuitai, Shangri-la, Jiabe hiking trail, Feilaisi temple with Kawa Karpo view

On request / 13 days

According to the Chinese, Yunnan is the most beautiful region of the country because it has preserved a part of its authenticity, its history, and its nature. This trip offers an immersion in the local culture, closer to the minorities of the South living in the rhythm of secular traditions. We offer you a journey full of encounters: the real adventure Yunnan through the villages of the mist, between you, your guide and the many ethnic groups of the region. Beautiful hiking trails in a lush and abundant nature. Breathtaking landscapes. Treks off the beaten path await you …mountain on earth.

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  7 Days in Tibet

Lhasa – Yamdrok lake – Gyangtze – Tingri – Rongbuk monastery – Mt Everest Base camp – Xigaze

On request / 7 days

3Not everybody has time for seven years in Tibet. This tour will show you in seven days the most spectacular landscapes and places and the whole beauty of this mystic land. We take our time in Lhasa, then driving through the infinite vastness of the Tibetan high plateau with our private vehicles along salt lakes and to the most important monasteries until we reach Everest Base camp with view to the highest mountain on earth.

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Colourful Guangxi 

Nanning – Huashan Mural – Detian Waterfalls – Mingshi Tianyuan – Guilin – Yangshuo – Longsheng – Guilin

On request / 10 days

Experience the spectacular landscape of Chinas South. The province Guangxi is especially known für its karst mountains and its around those winding courses of rivers. On this 9-day journey you and your family will experience the highlights of this steady warm region.

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Guangxi and Yunnan: The Best Of South China

Boatride on the Li-River by Yangshuo, Rice terraces in Yuanyang, Jianshui(architecture and the second largest Confuzian Temple), Lijiang, Tiger-Leaping Gorge

On request / 10-12 days

Experience the diversity of South China! Through the two popular provinces Guangxi and Yunnan you will be accompanied with steady good weather and breathtaking landscapes. Starting with an extensive stay in the karst mountains south of Guilin, the journey continues to the world famous rice terraces of Yuanyang in Yunnan

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The Best of Tibet with Qinghai-Tibet-Railway

Xinging – Kokonor (Qinghai Lake) – Lhasa – Yamdrok Lake – Gyangtze – Tingri – Rongbuk Monastery – Mt Everest Base Camp – Xigaze

On request / 9 days

Visit the cultural highlights of Tibet and experience the nature of the Himalayan landscapes.This trip begins in Xining on the edge of Tibet and the famous Tibet Train will bring you above the clouds on 5000 meters all the way to Lhasa.

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Holy Mount Kailash Tour

Lhasa – Xigatze (Shigatse) – Lhatse – Saga – Manasarovar-See – 3-day Kailash-Hike – Zhongba – Gyirong – Everest Basislager – Sakya – Lhasa

On request / 16 days

Praying flags in front of a mountainThis tour will bring you all the way through western Tibet to Mt. Kailash. After crossing the plateau we pitch our camp at Lake Manasarova, the “Ocean within Mountains”. Arriving at Mt. Kailash we relax our legs, and start our three days journey around the holy mountain by foot or on horseback, following the pilgrims and listening to their prayer songs. We will visit Shigatse, one of the biggest and most powerful monasteries of ancient Tibet. The way back to Lhasa leads us through small villages, curvy country roads, narrow gorges and the King of all Mountains: Mount Everest.

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  North Yunnan Tour – 10 Days

Dali – Shaxi – Stone Drum Town (Shigu) – Tibetan Homestay – Shangri-la – White Water Terrace (Bai Shui Tai) – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Baisha (Lijang) – Lugu Lake – Dali

On request / 10 days

Drive along the Mekong River to the north and enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere at the holy Kawa Karpo, which is high above 6700 m. Stay also in a farmhouse in a Tibetan family on the banks of the Mekong River to experience this unique culture first hand. On the way back to Dali, we drive along the breathtaking Lugu Lake to the unique culture of the Mosu.

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Xining – Chengdu:  through Eastern Tibet and over the Himalaya

Xining – Qinghai-Lake (Kokonor) – Yellow River – Tongren – Xiahe (Labrang-Monastry) – Langmusi – Sertar- – Aba – Chengdu

On request / 11 days

Hidden lakeOn this expedition we cross the eastern Himalaya from the capital of Tibet Province – Qinghai (Xining)  and drive to the capital of Sichuan: Chengdu. We cross grasslands, drive along the Yellow River through landscapes of sandstone, meet and camp with nomads and visit one of the largest monasteries of Tibet: Sertar. We often go to a level beyond the 3000 meters and cross curvy mountain passes. At the Tibetan Thanka blacksmith Tongren we learn about the Tibetan art and visit the old town with pilgrims. A journey through the original, rural China and Tibet. This adventure can be booked together with the Chengdu – Dali that takes place right after this trip.

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 Southwest China (Dali-Chengdu) Tour over the Eastern Himalaya

Dali – Shaxi – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shangri-la – Derong – Batang – Litang – Tagong – Danba – Chengdu – Ya´an – Shimian – Xichang – Lugu-See – Lijiang – DaliView on the Himalaya

On request / 17 days

This 4×4 tour shows you the impressive Tibetan, Chinese and many other landscapes. Drive from the wide Erhai Lake in Dali in the heart of  Yunnan province high up to  the Tibetan mountains. Cross high passes and grasslands , inhabited by nomadic people, further up to Chengdu. Ride through the Tiger leaping Gorge , one of the deepest canyons in the world, and experience the wild Yangtze River on its way down from the Himalaya. On the way back to Dali we pass through the territories of the Mosu and Yi at Lugu Lake and the UNESCO World heritage town of Lijang.A unique adventure experience.

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 Yunnan Family Holiday Tour: Experience The Very Best Of Yunnan, Family And Kids Friendly

Dali – Shaxi – Shi Bao Shan – Shuhe (Lijiang) – Shigu (Yangtze River Bend) – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shangri-la – Jiabe – Shangri-la

Jiabe, tibetisches Dorf On request / 10 days

Experience firsthand the country life of Tibetan families and feel the magic of offbeat locales in this unique escapade to Yunnan. We’ll team up to cook traditional Yunnan dishes, stop by a monkey colony, and adventure into the ancient tea trade route whilst exploring the cultural milieu of Yunnan, a stronghold of southern China’s cultural wealth. A fascinating hike takes us through the depths of Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in the world, after which we are warmly welcomed by a Tibetan family and taken for a visit to the legendary Shangri-la.

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Experience in several days the greatest natural and cultural sights of Shangri-la, Lijiang, th
Nanzhao Kingdom and tropical Xishuangbanna or travel weeks or even months non-stop
throughout Tibet, China and neighboring countries:
A specially designed individual tour allows you to experience China, Tibet and beyond. Exactly the way you want, when you want. Family friendly or an adventurous expedition? In any case, our team will show you the hidden gems
of your destination. Give us information on your travel ideas and what you would like to see and we will send you an individually designed offer. From Beijing to Lhasa overland, from Lhasa on the the Silk Road to Inner Mongolia, or even to southeast Asia? No idea is too special, nothing is impossible.

Get in touch with our team to request your tailor made tour and make your travel dream happen!




Why book a family friendly tour in China with Tibetmoto?

Tibetmoto is the right partner for your family tour in China. We are specialists in exclusive, unique tours and expeditions that give you and your family the opportunity to meet and experience the country, its people, and their cultures.

Our team knows China, Tibet and Laos from our own extensive travel experiences there, and some of us are natives. We offer unique familyfriendly tours based on our experiences and our passion for these countries.
Unfortunately, most of what is written in the western news articles is about China’s economic strength and the traffic and pollution problems that result from it. These stories are true, but only for about twenty percent of the country, at the most. One does not hear a lot about the other eighty percent: China’s wonderful countryside and the hospitality and warmth of the people. The best way for you to experience these things is on your individually planned family tour in China with Tibetmoto.

Due to its size, the destinations and regions that China can offer are more varied than any other country in the world. From the mighty mountain ranges of the Himalayas to the tropical and subtropical areas–it is here you can find wonderful, dreamlike destinations with the intimate nearness that only can be experienced on a motorbike tour.  We recommend the astonishing provinces of Tibet and Yunnan and the regions of the Silk Road, where we have done very many tours.

Buddhist monasteries and temples, snow-capped mountains and vast lakes, rivers such as the Yangtze and the Mekong offer fascinating highlights on any of our tours in these regions. On your family friendly tour in China with Tibetmoto, you can meet Tibetan nomads or the people dwelling in half-forgotten villages and your kids will get the opportunity to have a good romp at our various activities.

Here, on this page, you can find detailed information about your China family tour. We will  provide individual itineraries with individual departure times. All of our tours have one thing in common: they let you take a deep look at the Chinese and Tibetan cultures and nature, and provide an experience that will remain unforgettable.

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