South China – Laos Overland Motorbike Tour

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Highlights / Route:Temples of Jianshui, Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Xishuangbanna, Village Homestay, Luang Prabang Old Town, Mekong River, Vientiane Capital
Length:~ 1779 km
Duration :14 days / 9 riding days / 2 rest days
Longest riding day:6.0 h / 300 Km
Average riding day:5.0 h / 200 Km
Style / Level of difficulty:Motorcycle tour with overnight stays in  guesthouses and hotels.
Motorbikes:Shineray 400 / Yamaha YBR 250 / BMW G650 GS

Enjoy two countries on this spectacular tour: incense smoke filled Taoist temples, roads winding through enormous rice terraces in China, and lush tropical forests, ancient temple towns, and waterfalls in southeast Asia: Laos. On this “jungle safari” you ride on empty countryside roads, along vast rivers, through limestone landscapes, and always on fun to ride curvy mountain roads.

Google maps only offers a basic overview on the route.
Many smaller roads are not documented.


Daily itinerary for South China – Laos Overland Motorbike Tour

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1 Kunming arrival day: Airport pick-up and first meeting in Kunming.
2 Acclimatization and sightseeing day in Kunming: We visit Yuantong Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Kunming and a major draw for pilgrims. Around the Tang Dynasty Pagodas we can observe where local everyday life really takes place. In the afternoon we visit the serene Bamboo Temple further afield. 
3 Kunming – Jianshui: Our first riding day brings us out of the city and into the countryside. After only one hour you will find yourself riding on minor roads with little traffic alongside lakes and farmland. In the old town of Jienshui we visit the third-largest Confusion Temple in China, ancient city gates, and Zhilin Si, a large incense smoke-filled monastery completely built of wood.
190km/ 3h
4 Jianshui – Yuanyang: Imagine to ride on curvy mountain roads for hours with almost no traffic, hilltop tribal villages, and endless rice terraces peering through banks of clouds far below the road: Yuanyang. We stay overnight in a small village over viewing the terraces.
80km/ 2h
5 Yuanyang – Jiangcheng: We follow the curvy mountain road further south in the direction of the borders of Vietnam and Laos. This territory is inhabited by the tribal peoples of Lahu, Hani, Wa and Yi minorities. The mountain road leads us to the shores of the Lixian River with plenty of fishing villages and further to Jiangcheng.
250km/ 6h
6 Jiangcheng – Xishuangbanna: In Jinhong, capital of Xishuangbanna, we can enjoy the charm, food, and live style of southeast Asia. The local Dai (Thai) minority knows how to enjoy life in this part of the Chinese tropics.
260km/ 5h
7 Xishuangbanna rest day: Visiting ancient Pagodas, small minority villages around Jinhong, take a market stroll, or just relaxing in the hotel? We have plenty of suggestions, but its up to you to decide. 
8 Xishuangbanna – Luang Namtha: From Jinhog we take the road to the southeast where we will cross the border to Laos in the early afternoon. After the border crossing procedures we ride to our first over night destination in Laos: Luang Namtha. Luang Namtha is a quiet and relaxed town at the edge of one of Laos most fascinating nature reserves.
240km/ 4.5h
Unterwegs über Grasland
9 Luang Namtha – Nong Kiaw: On our first day in Laos we take the road further south. Lush tropical forest, minority villages built of bamboo, curvy mountain roads, and almost not a flat piece of land in sight: Laos at its best. In Nong Kiaw we will park the car and take a boat up north to Muang Ngoy (45min). In this quite area we will stay overnight.
230km/ 4h
10 Nong Kiaw – Luang Prabang: Luang Prabang, located on the Mekong river shore, is a true jewel of southeast Asia. The former capital of an ancient kingdom of the same name is nowadays a protected UNESCO world heritage sight. The town is busting with temples, worshipers and Buddhist monks who collect food offerings every morning.
140km/ 3h
11 Luang Prabang visiting day: There is plenty to see in Luang Prabang itfelf. Don´t miss the Wat Xieng Thong temple, and the many charming french colonial buildings. Nevertheless: In the afternoon we offer to join us to the Kuang Si Waterfalls, 28 kilometers away from Luang Prabang. Join us and go for a swim in this dream like pool and waterfall heaven.
12 Luang Prabang – Vang Vien: The road leads us further south, along several rivers. Upright lime stone formations are getting more frequent all the way down to Vang Vien, a backpackers haven with a funky charm. During sunset you can go “tubing” in the river or choose one of the many riverside bars and restaurants to relax.
190km/ 3.5h
13 Vang Vien – Vientiane: the last day on the road. From here the landscape becomes less hilly, the roads less curvy. One last time we ride through hot forest and small farming villages until we reach our destination. Vientiane.
160km/ 3.5h
14 All good things come to an end: our adventure ends after breakfast in Vientiane. From here you have good connections by bus, train or airplane to Bangkok, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, China, and half a dozen other prime destinations in Asia.


Included Services:

Shineray 400 / Yamaha YBR 250 / BMW G650 GS
Overnights stays in hotels and guest houses
English speaking tour guide
Accompanying vehicle for pillion riders, equipment and luggage
Meals (Breakfast, lunch), mineral water
Gas, engine oil, spare parts
Help with applying a Chinese visa

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