Roadtrip Eurasia: Germany – Tibet Silk Road Tour

The adventure of a lifetime is taking you from comfortable Munich in Bavaria across the Alps and Balkan Mountains to Istanbul, the Oriental Pearl at the Bosporus, start point of the famous Silk Road. We will ride up into the Anatolian highland, cross the Georgian hinterland on curvy roads and through deep gorges. The Caukasus awaits us before descending into the steppes and wide, never ending grasslands of Russia and Kazakhstan. In Uzbekistan we cross the largest desert of Central Asia and visit the most spectacular oasis and trading towns Khiva, Buchara and Samarkand on the Silk Road with their large Madras, Mosques and historic old towns. From there we will ride on gravel roads through the stunningly beautiful mountains of Kyrgyzstan and take the almost 4000 meter high Torugart Pass to China. In Kashgar we enjoy the beautiful old city and the best kebabs with ice cold beer at the edge of the Taklamakan desert before we ride up to the Tibetan plateau.
Passes beyond 5000 meters await us. We cross the Roof of the World from West to East, visit holy Mt. Kailash and the shores of azure blue Manasarovar Lake.
Before we arrive at Everest Base Camp, we ride one of the world’s most spectacular and curviest mountain roads with four 8000-meter-high mountains lined up at the horizon. We stay overnight at Rongbuk monastery on 4900 meters from where we have a grand view onto the world highest moun-tain: Everest.
We follow beautiful countryside roads, enjoy views of Yamdrok Lake and reach Lhasa, Tibet´s capital. Here, we visit the Potala Palace and the holiest temples.
If you continue the extension to Dali, the next few days will take you from the Tibetan plateau across the Eastern Himalayas into the subtropics and old towns of Yunnan province. Days and days of road bends and beautiful landscapes will blow your mind.




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Tour Overview:
Roadtrip Eurasia: Germany – Tibet Silk Road Motorbike Tour from Munich to the Himalaya

Date 2020:
Date 2021:
22.07 – 01.09 (without extension) // 22.07 – 07.09 (with extension) (fully booked)
21.07 – 31.08 (without extension) // 21.07 – 06.09 (with extension to Dali)
Price 2021:With own Motorbike: EUR 12.480 (with extension: EUR +2.490)
Pillion Rider: EUR 6.980 (with extension: EUR +1.680)
Singe room supplement: EUR 1.190 (with extension: EUR +390)
Highlights / Itinerary:Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan , China
Difficulty:3/5 – Advanced because of the heights and the climatig conditions. Driving on curvy mountain tracks should be done with no problems.
Duration/ Length:42 days/ 34 riding days/ ~ 11.731 Kilometers
Longest tour day: 587 Kilometer / 10 hours
Average tour day: 380 Kilometers
Motorbike-Tour with stays in hotels, guest houses and accommodations. The roads on this tour are mostly asphalted very well. Ratio Piste/Aspahlt: 10/90.

Interactive Map: For more information please click on the single points.


Daily route RoadTrip Eurasia:

Germany-Lhasa motorbike tour from Munich to the Himalaya


Route: Descriptions

Meeting of all tour participants in Munich. Get to know each others in the evening. Tour briefing.


Munich – Ljubljana (Slovenia): 

From Munich we cross the Eastern Alps and find ourselves at the end of the day in the small and beautiful capital of Slovenia. Our hotel is located right inside the historic center. By foot it takes us only a few minutes to reach the heart of the old Ljubljana where street artists and wonderful bars and restaurants are located.
The first two riding days will have some highways and serve us as a link towards the more spectacular landscapes in Eastern Europe and Turkey. However, if time allows we can take also deep countryside roads.

400 Kilometers


Ljubljana – Belgrade ( Croatia,Serbia):

Ride to Serbia´s capital Belgrade. We leave the European Union and take the border crossing in a hilly landscape to Serbia. Belgrade is located at the confluence of the rivers Danube and offers unique Soviet architecture and European modernity.

540 Kilometers

4Belgrade – Nis (Serbia):

We reach the foothills of the Balkan Mountains and enjoy an evening in the old yet modern and hip town of Nis.

240 Kilometers


Nis – Koprivshtitsa (Bulgaria):

We will reach the beginning of the Central Balkan Mountains and stay overnight in a small historic village in the middle of a forest. Small mountain roads lead us to our 150 years old hotel where the owner and his family will cook traditional meals for us.

270 Kilometers

6Koprivshtitsa – Sozopol

Today we explore the central Balkan Mountains, which gave the entire region its name. We ascent over a thousand meters above Bulgaria and have from the Beklemento Pass (1520 m) an incredible view over the wide landscape. Beautiful curves bring us back down, where we continue our way through the Bulgarian hinterland and drive east towards the Black Sea. We reach its shores at Sozopol. Sozopol emerged from the Greek colony of Apollonia and is one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria. We enjoy the rest of the day on the beach and spend the evening on the peninsula where we enjoy the restaurants with sea view.

410 Kilometers

7Sozopol – Istanbul (Turkey):

We follow the coast south and then cross the Strandscha Mountains of Thrace. Great curves lead through this forested mountain all the way to the Turkish border.
Our fantastic hotel is located on the European side of Istanbul, directly at the Bosporus and in walking distance to the historic quarter of the town. From the excellent rooftop bar and restaurant, we have a view onto the sea and the at night illuminated Blue Mosque.

320 Kilometres

8Istanbul :

Istanbul visiting day. We visit the modern metropolis on the Bosphorus with many of its highlights, such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, and enjoy the flair of this unique city.

Istanbul – Safranbolu:
The Mediterranean flair of the Bosphorus slowly gives way to an alpine mountain landscape as we move into the North Anatolian highlands.
Safranbolu has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 1994 because of its beautiful townscape of timber. If time permits, we can practice our off-road skills by riding through a nearby national forest park before reaching our destination. 410 Kilometers
Safranbolu – Amasya:

Amasya lies in the hinterland of the Black Sea coast in the Pontic Mountains in a narrow valley directly at the river. The main part of the charming city extends on the east side of the river, on the west side there are only a few rows of houses at the foot of the steep castle hill. Five bridges connect both halves of the city, which invites you to linger. In caves on the hillside dating back to the times when the Greek colonized this part of Turkey, you find the final resting places of the kings of this long-gone civilization.

390 Kilometers

11Amasya – Bayburt:

We ride further east and follow the high valleys of the north Anatolian highland. We continue through the idyllic mountain landscape to Bayburt.

450 Kilometers


Bayburt – Savsat:

A beautiful winding mountain road brings us to Savsat in the fast East of Turkey. Here, we stay overnight in wooden bungalows in the lush mountains separating Georgia from Turkey and enjoy fresh river trout or homemade grilled meatballs at the hotel´s restaurant.

320 Kilometers

13Savsat – Gori (Georgia):

We take a remote inland border to Georgia. Near Gori we visit the old Silk Road ruins of Uplistisikhe, and of course the famous castle of Gori for a sun downer.

340 Kilometers


Gori – Grosny ( Russia):

From Gori we ride north to the Russian border. Border formalities. Continue to Grozny, capital of the Russian republic of Chechnya. The city which was completely destroyed during the civil war in the 1990s is now a modern business hub of the region. We stay in the best hotel in town, from the rooftop restaurant we have a great view over the city.

 310 Kilometers

15Grosny – Astrakhan:

Astrakhan is situated on the Volga and has buildings from different eras, from Renaissance to Classicism to Orthodox influences. Sights are the Astrakhan Kremlin and the Trinity Church.

490 Kilometers


Rest day for relaxation. And for everything else an adventurer has to do.


17Astrakhan – Atyrau (Kazakhstan) :

Today we cross the border to Kazakhstan. With a little luck we will see camels on the way. Atyrau, a town that lives from the oil and gas deposits of the Caspian Sea, is our destination. Atyrau lies within the vast Kazakh steppe landscape.

360 Kilometers


Atyrau – Beyneu:  

Through the steppe to Beineu.

440 Kilometers


Beineu – Elabad (Uzbekistan):

Border formalities. We reach the largest desert of Central Asia and the Aralkum Desert near the nowadays mainly dried out Aral Sea. Elabad is surround by 250 kilometres of desert, a truckdriver stop and surely a great location for a Quentin Tarantino movie. The restaurant next door has great BBQ and ice cold vodka.

380 Kilometers


Elabad – Khiva:

We follow the traces of the old silk road and reach Khiva, former capital of the Khanat Chiwa in Choresmien with flourishing textile industry (among other things carpets). The historic city centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990.

350 Kilometers


Khiva – Buchara:

We ride through the desert Kysylkum to Buchara, which is one of the oldest cities in Uzbekistan. Like Samarkand, it was a trading and resting place on the old Silk Road. With over 140 architectural monuments, Bukhara is an impressive “museum city”.

460 Kilometers


Buchara – Samarkand: 

This pearl of the Silk Road and UNESCO world heritage, which awaits us at the end of a short riding day, impresses with its Islamic architecture. We visit the Registan Square and the adjoining Madras and the old city.

280 Kilometers


Samarkand visiting day. Allow your tired bones to rest or explore the city. Don´t miss the night bazaar and all the great restaurants.

24Samarkand – Kokand:

We cross Uzbekistan from west to east and cross the first mountain pass in days before reaching Kokand near the border to Tajikistan.
In Kokand we visit the Palace of Xudaya Khan, whose façade adorns numerous ornaments and colors. In addition, the city is known for its madrasas and mosques.

 480 Kilometers

25 Kokand – Osh (Kyrgyzstan):

Short riding day to Osh and border crossing into Kyrgyzstan.

190 Kilometers

26Osh – Kazarman:

The first part of the route brings us to Jalalabad. After a while the road turns into a gravel road and we hit the first mountain passes. We gain altitude and ride on an elevation in between 1,500 and 2,000 meters. We conquer four gravel passes, remote and devoid of any traffic, through the most beautiful and unforgettable mountain landscape of Kyrgyzstan. Overnight stay in the small village Kazarman in the mountains. Here are only homestays available and the group will stay at the homes of a handful of families.

260 Kilometers

27Kazarman – Tash Rabat:

Tash Rabat is a well-preserved 15th century caravanserai. Today’s overnight stay takes place in a yurt camp. The way to the historic settlement, which is translated as “stone hostel”, leads again across gravel roads. Tash Rabat is located in the Altbaschi mountain range (part of the Chinese Tian Shan mountains) on the old Silk Road near the Chinese border.

180 Kilometers

28 Tash Rabat –
Poste station near Kashgar – Kashgar (China):Around noon we reach the Kyrgyz-Chinese border. The 3,752 meter high Torugart Pass marks the border between Kyrgyzstan and China.
The vehicles have to be parked 120 km away from Kashgar at a special customs station for inspection. In the evening we will arrange a transfer to Kashgar and the next morning another transfer back to the customs station to pick up our motorcycles. This will be a long day and we may only arrive at the hotel past midnight due to the unbelievable Chinese buraucrcy.
220 Kilometers
29 Kashgar:

Motorcycle pick up and customs procedures. We take care of everything, only patience has to be brought along.

120 Kilometers

30 Kashgar:

Today the provisional Chinese driving licenses and number plates will be issued. There will also be a short medical/technical check. Again, you will need some patience.

80 Kilometers

31 Kashgar – Sanshili:

Very early departure before sunrise. Today will be a long day since there is no accommodation available open to foreigners in between Kashgar and Sanshili. On the way to Sanshili on the Tibetan high plateau we pass numerous controls and have to register several times with the police – this requires a lot of patience. The climate here on the Silk Road, very close to the Taklamakan Desert, is really desert-like hot. Today we start from the “deep” of the Tarim Basin and the desert-like areas along the Silk Road up into the Tibetan mountains with the first pass beyond 4000 meters and several passes beyond 3000 meters. The most challenging day on the entire tour.

620 Kilometers

32 Sanshili- Duoma:

Another pass, almost 5000 meters high, awaits us after breakfast. We cross the wide plateau, ride alongside mountains and rivers to Duoma, a tiny place in the middle of nowhere.

450 Kilometers

Duoma – Ali

Via Lake Bangong to Ali. One part of Lake Bangong is located in China, the other half in India. One side of the lake is filled with salt water, while the other side has fresh water. Ali is the administrative capital of Western Tibet.

230 Kilometers

34 Ali – Mt. Kailash:

Short trip to Mt. Kailash, holy for the Tibetans. With a little luck we will see numerous pilgrims, some of them coming from even more remote parts of Tibet, Nepal and India. Some of them walk thousands of kilometres and embark from their homes for a jounrey that can take several years to complete. It is their goal to circumbulate the holy mountain as often as possible -or up to 51 times-, praying all the way, trying to leberate themselves and other from negative Karma. The mountain is 6,638 meters high, rises majestically above the Tibetan plateau with its snow-covered summit. According to legend, every believing Buddhist has to circumbulate the mountain at least once in their life. After arriving in Tacheng – the starting point for the pilgrim walk – we can ride or walk to the Tarpoche Pagoda. If you wish, you can also visit the shore of holy Lake Manasarovar, just a few kilometres away.

250 Kilometers

35Mt. Kailash – Saga:

Ride to Saga along the deep blue Manasarovar lake, framed by snow-covered mountains. Also today, the endless vastness of Tibet and spectacular landscapes with wildlife await us.

490 Kilometers


36 Saga – EBC (Mount Everest base camp): 

Today, we ride near the Nepalese border to remote Lake Paiku which is surrounded by high mountains. A 4,500-meter-high and winding pass is waiting for us before we reach the lake shore.
From Tingri, the road turns south and snakes its way further up into the Himalaya mountains, where we will have a good view of the world’s 8,000m high mountains and the surrounding valleys.
An unbelievable hairpin road with dozens of turns and views on several 8000 meter high Himalayan mountains leads you to the Rongpu Monastery. 10 kilometers before Rongpu monastery we have to drop the bikes and take a government bus.
The road we take by motorbike is truly spectacular. We have to cross cross several 5000-meter-high passes on a fantastic new road which was built in 2016 – one of the greatest roads on earth. Shortly after Rongbu Monastery, the road comes to an end.
At Rongbuk monastery, you can enjoy the view and take breathtaking photos. Overnight stay in the basic inn of the Rongbu monastery.

400 Kilometers

EBC – Xigaze:
The view of the 8.848-meter-high summit of Everest rewards all efforts and awaits us in the early morning for sunrise. A hot coffee and the first rays of sunlight illuminating the mountain are the best way to start the day. 5,220-meter-high Gyatso La Pass brings us to to Xigaze where we can visit Tashilhunpo monastery if time permits. 340 Kilometers

38Xigaze – Gyangze – Lhasa:

We cross the wide central Tibetan plateau to Gyangze, where we visit the largest stupa (Tibetan pagoda) of Tibet. Ride along the turquoise blue lake Yamdrok, where we may see shaggy yaks for the last time, we pass the 5100-meter-high Karo La mountain pass before reaching the fertile river valley of the Yarlung Tsangpo. The we reach Lhasa. We have arrived at the destination of the trip.

360 Kilometers


Shipping of the motorcycles. This day serves as a buffer day in case of delays.


We enjoy the day at the Bharkor market in the old town of Lhasa, visit the former residence of the Dalai Lama, the Potala Palace, and the most sacred of all temples for Tibetans, the Jokhang.

41Lhasa- Chengdu:

Departure from Lhasa: flight to Chengdu and transfer to the hotel. If you want, you can either extend your stay in Chengdu on your own – or continue your journey from Lhasa to Dali. (The onward journey to Dali follows seamlessly from Lhasa. Please ask for the separate brief information).

Airport transfer 1 hour


Individual departure from Chengdu.


Extension Lhasa – Dali: From Tibet to the land “South of the Clouds”
– The Eastern Himalayas and the Subtropics of China –

Until recently, the roads descending from the Tibetan plateau to the province of Yunnan via the Eastern Himalayas were off limits to foreigners. You can look forward to the finest views, remote mountain roads, undiscovered wilderness on the banks of the Mekong, snow-covered Himalayan peaks, deep evergreen forests, and of course endless winding roads and beautiful mountain passes.

The extension starts with a ride through primeval forests, the “Switzerland of the Orient” in Lulang, grasslands with grazing yaks and the the beauty of Ranwu Lake surrounded by 5.000 meter high snow-capped peaks.. We’ll ride along the majestic Mekong, Salween and Yangtze – the longest river in Asia – and enjoy the views of rugged sandstone landscapes and deep gorges. We stay overnight at the farm house home of a Tibetan family and visit the colorful old town of Shangri-La before we take another winding road through the Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest gorges on earth.
Visiting the Chinese minority old towns of Lijiang and Dali and riding along tea plantations and banana trees let us realize that we have left the Himalayas and are in the subtropics, not far away at all from South East Asia.


41Lhasa – Nyingtri:

Our last riding day on the Tibet high plateau. We’ll say “tashi delek” on the next day – goodbye – to the Tibetan plateau, cross our last 5,000-meter pass, then descend on a winding road through fragrant spruce forests into the “Switzerland of the Orient”, with its wooded mountains and rolling grasslands with grazing yaks.

400 Kilometers

42Nyintri – Ranwu Lake:

Today is going to be another day for spectacular views on the Tibet Motorcycle Tour. We’ll take the various passes on the road to Ranwu and enjoy the fascinating landscapes rolling by. We’ll spend the night directly at the shore of Ranwu, a mountain lake framed by snow-covered peaks, at an altitude of nearly 4,000 meters – in the most beautiful resort of the region, of course. 270 Kilometers
43Ranwu – Zogang:

The day begins with a ride along the Salween River, which originates on the Tibetan plateau and descends to Shan State in Myanmar. On the way, we can enjoy spectacular vistas in the gorges through the expansive sandstone landscapes.
But the treat of the day is yet to come: an iconic road, known by the locals only as “the road of 72 curves”. At the end of the serpentines, we reach a 4,300-meter pass with a view many miles into the valley below. The quiet mountain roads descend through gorges and evergreen forests to Zogang – a true highlight of ourTibet Motorcycle Tour.

290 Kilometers

44Zogang – Jiabe:

Two more passes with altitudes of 4,300 and 3,900 meters await us. We’ll ride along the rugged banks and gorges of the Upper Mekong – which is quite unlike the placid river downstream in Thailand – to Feilaisi, the “Flying Temple”, and say farewell to Tibet. Yunnan awaits. The temple is dedicated to the deity enthroned on the peak of Kawa Karpo, the last snow-covered peak of our journey, and at the same time the highest mountain of the eastern Himalayas and final highlight with its majestic 6,700 meters.
We’ll spend the night there, at the foot of the mountain, at the home of a local Tibetan family where we enjoy homemade red wine, “arak” liquor and home cooked food in a beautiful farm house.

410 Kilometers

45Jiabe – Shangri-La:

From our Tibetan host family, our journey will take us over the 4,300-meter Pass of the White Horse and down into the gorges of the Yangtze, the longest river in Asia and third-longest in the world. Here, at “only” 1,900 meters above sea level, we’re at the lowest altitude of the tour. It’s quite warm and cacti grow on the river banks – an incredible contrast.
Our final riding stage takes us to the romantic old town of Shangri-La. Its small two-story houses are built entirely of wood and are richly decorated with carvings. In Shangri-La, we’ll visit the 22-meter prayer wheel – the largest in the world – and we should turn it at least three times for good karma.

180 Kilometers

46Shangri-La – Lijiang:

Today´s ride will bring us from the Shangri-la on a small countryside road into one of the deepest gorges on earth – the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Cliffs of 3.2 kilometers height are above us, forming the peaks of the 5,500 meter high Jade Dragon Snow Mountain range. On to Lijiang, a UNESCO world heritage site featuring an old town, many shops, restaurants and bars. Civilization is back and we surely enjoy it. 340 Kilometers
47Lijiang – Dali:

Our last short riding day along farm land to Dali. Goodbye dinner and party.

180 Kilometers


End of the tour in Dali.


Included Services:

41/47 nights in hotels or guesthouses with breakfast, 8 nights in basic accommodation
Shipping of motorcycles: Lhasa – Chinese coast (crated by truck) and China – Hamburg (by FCL sea freight container) -included-
Motorcycle guide on own motorcycle
Mechanic accompanying the group
Service vehicle for luggage and passengers
All permits for Tibet/China for the temporary import of the vehicle including provisional Chinese driving license and number plates, customs deposit bond, vehicle insurance
Local guides for Russia, Kazakhzstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tibet
All entrance fees according to the program
Flight Lhasa – Chengdu at the end of the tour on day 41
Airport transfer to Lhasa airport and from Chengdu airport to the hotel on day 41
Parking fees

Please ask for detailled information for this tour




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