Motorbike Tours in Yunnan & South China

 Adventure China: South of the Clouds Yunnan Motorbike Tour

 Beijing – Dali – Shaxi – Deqin – Shangri-la – Tiger leaping gorge – Lijiang – Lugu lake – Chenghai lake – Dali – Beijing

2018: March 11 – March 21 / October 13 – October 27 // 2019: March 23 – April 6 / Ocotber 12 – October 16 / 15 days

If there would be the need to decide for one of China´s provinces, says the guide book Lonely planet, you should for sure decide for Yunnan. Yunnan means south of the clouds. The beauty and diversity of nature and the sinuous mountain roads also convinced us. The landscape is so manifold, you could also ride through a whole continent. Starting in the Subtropics at Lijiang and Dali, where bananas and tea are growing, and then going up into the gorges of the Himalayas, where a vast moonscape is waiting for you. On this tour through the south west of the Middle kingdom, close to the borders of Laos and Myanmar, we will experience a lot of cultural minorities and a million bends. Through the gorges of Yangtze and Mekong we take gorgeous roads into the Tibetan world and deep into the Himalaya mountains.
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 Adventure China: At the Roof of the World China Motorbike Tour

Hong Kong – Lijiang – Shangri-la – Litang – Seda –  Langmuse – Labrang – Tongren – Guide – Qinghai lake – Xining

 2018: May 19 – June 04/August 25 – September 10 // 2019: June 3 – June 19 / 17 days
This motorbike tour is an adventure for connoiseurs and the ones who are widely traveled. We will cross the Tibetan Eastern Himalayas and are riding through the four provinces Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai.The always sinuous mountain roads will lead us through exciting changes in culture and landscape, changes that are so manifold and high in contrast that it is like driving through a whole continent. We will discover the graslands of the nomads, will crisscross through sand and stone deserts, go up over the highest passes of the Himalayas and down along the longest rivers of asia, the Yangtze and famous Yellow river. The journey will begin in the subtropical mega metropolis of Hong Kong and will end at one of the biggest salt lakes of the world: Qinghai lake.
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On the Dragon´s Backbone – South China Motorbike Tour

Hong Kong – Kunming – Jianshui – Yuanyang Reisterrassen – Wenshan – Luoping – Leye – Rongshui – Pingan – Yangshui – Guilin – Hong Kong

2018: January 27 – February 12 / November 03 – November 18 // 2019: January 12 – January 27 / November 2 – November 17 / 16 days

“The mountains and River of Guilin are the most beautiful under the heavens” states an ancient Chinese poem. We put the poem to the acid test and the outcome is our brand new On the Dragon´s Back Bone South China Motorbike Tour.
This China motorbike tour deep into the Karst mountains and river landscapes in the very south of the Middle Kingdom is a curvy roller coaster ride you will remember for a long time. Our countryside roads lead us through the largest rice terraces on earth, along vast tea plantations, almost forgotten villages and to the bamboo boats of the Li river at Yangshuo – the landmark of South China and unforgettable endpoint of a fantastic journey. In between you will discover the mega metropolis Hong Kong, ancient minorities and their way of life, deep gorges and cliffs and -of course- the Dragon´s Back Bone Rice Terraces.

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North Yunnan Loop – 7 Days

Dali – Shaxi – First Bend of the Yangtze – Qizong – Shangri-la – White Water Terraces – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Baisha (Lijiang) – Dali

On request / 7 days /

Get to know the north of Yunnan Province! This tour brings you to historic Tea Horse Road old towns, little villages at the border to Tibet, through one of the deepest gorges in the world and snowcapped mountains. The diversity of the landscape is stunning: experience the wide Tibetan grassland, cactus-lined curvy gorge roads or a ride along the vast Erhai Lake. Extend this trip and dine with a local Tibetan family and take a glimpse at the peak of high and holy Mt. Kawa Karpo (6.700m) in the Himalayas.

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North Yunnan Loop – 11 Days

Dali – Shaxi – Stone Drum Town (Shigu)QizongCizong Katholic ChurchTibetisches HomestayKawa Karpo (Feilai Si)Shangri-laTigersprungschluchtBaisha (Lijiang) Lugu-See – Chenghai Lake – Dali
On request / 11 days /

Drive along the Mekong River to the north and enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere at the holy Kawa Karpo, which is high above 6700 m. Stay also in a farmhouse in a Tibetan family on the banks of the Mekong River to experience this unique culture first hand. On the way back to Dali, we drive along the breathtaking Lugu Lake to the unique culture of the Mosu.

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Southwest China (Dali-Chengdu) Motorbike Tour across the Eastern Himalaya

Dali – Shaxi – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shangri-la – Derong – Batang – Litang – Ganze – Sertar – Aba – Danbda – Ya’an – Chengdu – Xichang – Lugu-See – Lijiang – Dali

On request / 17 days

This motorbike tour shows you the impressive Tibetan, Chinese and many other landscapes. Drive from the wide Erhai Lake in Dali in the heart of  Yunnan province high up to  the Tibetan mountains. Cross high passes and grasslands , inhabited by nomadic people, further up to Chengdu. Ride through the Tiger leaping Gorge , one of the deepest canyons in the world, and experience the wild Yangtze River on its way down from the Himalaya. On the way back to Dali we pass through the territories of the Mosu and Yi at Lugu Lake and the UNESCO World heritage town of Lijang. A unique adventure experience.

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Discover South China – Journey through Yunnan and Shangri-la

Kunming – Temples of Jienshui – Yuanayang Rice Terraces – Weishan – Shaxi – Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shangri-la – Tibetan Village Homestay – Mekong River – Dali

  On request

This motorbike tour will show you the highlights and diversity of Yunnan province: lush tropical forests and enormous rice terraces, tribal villages, the ancient old towns of Weishan, Dali, Lijiang, Shaxi and Shangri-la, winding countryside roads, and soaring high mountains on the border to Tibet where you can experience a Tibetan countryside homestay near the Mekong River in the Himalayas.

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Lugu Lake: Beyond Off-The-Beaten-Track

Dali – Shaxi – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Wumu – Shitouchen (Baoshan) Stone Village – Yangtze Crossing – Lugu Lake – Baisha (Lijiang) – Dali

On request / 8 days

This adventure let you experience remote countryside roads in one of the most beautiful regions of Yunnan. We follow hundreds of kilometers the azure blue Yangtze River through deep gorges, curvy tarmac roads and some of the most beautiful old towns China has to offer. Ride and rest with us next to 5500 meter high mountains and pure nature.

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