Tibetmoto Team

Hendrik Heyne

Founder Tibetmoto / General Manager

Studied Policy Management B.A.
Lives in Dali (Yunnan) and on-the-road
Speaks German, English and Chinese
Hendrik is originally from Münster (Germany) and travelled the first time to China and Tibet in 2007. After his Policy Management university degree in 2010, Hendrik founded Tibetmoto in Yunnan and is since then General Manager. He runs the company, has ideas for new adventures and is guiding motorbike tours in China and abroad.
Hendrik is certified BMW Motorrad Tourguide and works closely in a variety of fields with BMW.

Tenzin Choetso

Business Owner / General Manager

Studied Tibetology and Translation
Lives in Shangri-la and Dali
Speaks Tibetan, Chinese and English
Tenzin was born in Deqen, 200 km away from Shangri-la, nearby the Mekong river. The area is one of the most beautiful parts of Yunnan province and from her village one can see the peak of the 6,700 meter high Mt. Kawa Karpo. Since her university degree in 2009 she is the business owner. Tenzin is the co-founder of Tibetmoto.

Tashi Dorjie

Business Partner/Driver/ Motorbike Tourguide

Studied English
Lives in Dali (Yunnan), Shangri-la and on-the-road
Speaks Tibetan, Chinese and English
Tashi is as well from Deqin works as motorbike tourguide and driver.

Dominik Grubert

Product Manager


Studies Science of Literature and Culture in Frankfurt am Main.
“All cultures are connected through all the roads of the world. The road is always at the same time: Place, where people and cultures meet, and passage, where the known and used-to ends, and the new begins. Place and passage on the roadtrip of our life.”



Uncle has been a truck driver for over 30 years. He sailed all seas, is skilled and knows every road in West China.


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