China Overland Group Tour Kyrgyzstan – Laos via the Chinese provinces Xinjiang and Tibet

China Overland Group Tour Kyrgyzstan (Irkeshtam Pass) – Laos via the Chinese provinces Xinjiang ,Tibet & Yunnan


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Cross China as China Overland Group from Kyrgyzstan (Irkeshtam border crossing) to Laos (in your own vehicle) and discover beautiful and mystical lands. Xinjiang offers desert landscapes and arid plains stretching as far as the eye can see, a crossroads on the Silk Road between the East and the Middle East; this area is rich in Buddhist and Turkish archaeological remains. Crafts (carpets, knives, clothing…) and market culture are still alive. Then travel through the Tibetan highlands. This region attracts many travelers every year in search of breathtaking landscapes, unforgettable encounters with Tibetans and mystical spirituality… And finally, leave the Tibetan plateaus, to venture into Yunnan. Here, the diversity of the climate will surprise you, passing through mountainous, lunar and arid landscapes, to reach the tropical forests of Xishuangbanna.  In between, you will see the scenery slowly change, move through beautiful old cities, such as Lijiang and Dali and see the desert landscapes transformed into lush vegetation. This China to Laos Overland tour will probably be the most fabulous that you can achieve. China and its most spectacular and wild regions await you… Do not hesitate any more!




Kyrgyzstan (Irkeshtam border) – Kashgar – Kudi – Dahongliutian – Ali – Guge – Saga – EBC (Mount Everest base camp) – Xigaze – Gyangze – Lhasa – Samye – Tsedang – Langxiang – Nyingtri – Bome- Ranwu –Zogang – Yanjing-Shangri-La – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Lijang- Dali-Lincang



Irkeshtam –  Mohan ( Laos)


Duration / Date 

26 days / 03 September 2019


Total distance 

Approx..  km



China Overland Group Tour in Tibet and Xinjiang with own vehicle


Ratio tarmac/gravel; level/style 

95/5; demanding due to high altitude /on road tour


Min/Max participants 

At least 2 vehicles/Max. 4 vehicles


Daily Itinerary

dayOverland Group Tour Kyrgyzstan – Laos

Tash Rabat – Kashgar (China):

Around noon we reach the Kyrgyz-Chinese border area. We pass Tash Rabat – an archaeological site. From there we drive to the Torugart Pass – the border between Kyrgyzstan and China.The road is getting worse and worse and is not asphalted anymore. On this adventurous piste we drive down from Torugart Pass and into China. The vehicles must be parked 120 km away from the customs station. We have a transfer to Kashgar in the afternoon and another transfer back to the customs office the next morning to pick up our motorcycles there.


Kashgar Tourist Office. Today, the temporary Chinese licenses and license plates will be issued. There is also a short medical / technical check and vehicles. We take care of everything, only patience needs to be brought along.

100 kilometers



Another rest day in Kashgar, which we grant to the Chinese authorities.In China, the formalities can sometimes take a little longer. We visit the beautiful old town of Kashgar and watch the night market. The barbeque / grilled meat is one of the best in China.



Kashgar – Kudi: 

The morning is still available for errands at the traffic authority (if necessary).
On the way to Kudi we pass numerous checks and have to register several times with the police – that requires a lot of patience. The climate here on the Silk Road, very close to the Taklamakan Desert, is downright desolate.
Today we are heading from the “deep” of the Tarim Basin and the desert-like areas along the Silk Road up into the Tibetan Mountain World with the first pass beyond the 3000 meters.

5Kudi – Dahongliutian:

Another pass, just under 4000 meters high, awaits us after breakfast. Then it’s over the wide plateau of mountains and rivers to Dahongliutan, a tiny place in the middle of nowhere


Dahongliutian – Ali: 

Via the Bangong Lake to Ali. Bangong Lake is located half in Chinese and half in Indian territory. One side of the lake is filled with salt water while the other side is filled with fresh water.
Ali is the administrative capital of western Tibet and the first real city since Kargilik.
 550 Kilometers



Ali – Guge:

This day’s travel brings you to the capital of the former Guge Kingdom. The desert-like landscape of sandstone creates a fascinating ambiance.


A day in Guge:

We visit the ruins of Guge and Tholing – A high point of our Tibetan journey. The kingdom that was here simply “disappeared” 700 years ago. To this day, historians are still speculating why. When there were weddings in Guge, archeological evidence indicates that up to 10,000 people lived in the city.

9Guge – Saga:

Along the deep blue Manasarovar Lake, over which snow-capped mountains throng, it goes to Saga. Even today, the endless expanse of Tibet and a spectacular mountain pass await you.



Saga – EBC (Mount Everest base camp): 

Along the Paiku Lake today it is very close to the Nepalese border and some winding passes. Here and now the roads are in a bit worse condition. Another highlight of the tour is the visit to Mount Everest base camp at 5,200 meters altitude. We drive first to the Rongbuk monastery at 4,980 meters, where we spend the night


EBC – Xigaze:

 Nearby, we leave the bikes behind and walk the last kilometer until we can enjoy this incredible view: the unobstructed view of the 8.848 meter high summit of Everest rewards all hardships.
The road to the base camp offers incredible curves, is perfectly paved and offers as the “background wallpaper” with over 8000 meters the highest mountains in the world. It is hardly more spectacular!
The “exit” is via the 5.220 meter high Gyatso Pass to Xigaze.
 340 Kilometers


Xigaze – Gyangze – Lhasa:

The wide Central Tibetan Plateau leads to Gyangze, where we visit the largest stupa (Tibetan pagoda) in Tibet.
Along the turquoise-blue Yamdrok Lake, where we might see shaggy yaks for the last time, we’ll cross a mountain pass into the fertile river valley of Yarlung Tsangpo and on to legendary Lhasa.


Lhasa – Samye Monastery:

This is the first real Tibet Yunnan motorcycle tour-day. Togehter we will heading southeast and follow the Yarlung Tsangpo. This wide and dynamic river will flow with us for a whole part of the day and to serve beautiful views to us. After lunch we will head to the famous Samye monastery, where you can discover traditional monastery life. We will spend the night there during the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour and prepare the following day. 130 km


Samye – Tsedang – Langxiang: 

We will visit the Yumbulakhag, the first castle of the first king of Tibet. This castle is one of the most impressing landmark on our way to Langxian. 250 km


Langxian – Nyingtri:

 We visit the ancient cypress forest in Bayi, which is located at the junction of Yarlung Tsangpo and Niya river. Enjoy the unique nature of this forest on the East Himalaya Tibet Motorbike Tour and immerse into the unknown country. 240 km


Nyingtri – Bome- Ranwu:

On different pass roads to Ranvu, our tour brings us to superb views on 4,100 meter high and snow capped Mt. Nanjiabawa. Ride through virgin forest. Perfect views and one of the most stunning riding days. Overnight at Ranwu lake. 360 km


Ranwu – Zogang: 

The East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour leads us along Ranvu Lake to Zogang. We will enjoy the sunrise at the lake. Ride along the Nu/Salween river. 290 km


Zogang – Yanjing: 

Two more passes (5,010/3,900) on the way to Yanjing, where hot springs for relaxation are located. 270 km


Yanjing – Shangri-La:

We ride via Deqin to Shangri-la. On the way we visit a local Tibetan family at the shores of the Mekong river.
Ride across the last Himalayan pass (4,300m) along Mt. Baima and Mt. Meili (6,770). 290 km


Shangri-La – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Lijang:

On last tour on the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour leads us through one of the deepest gorges on earth to Lijiang, the UNESCO world heritage site. 200 km


 Lijiang – Dali:

Dali is located 2,000 meters above sea level between Lake ErHai and the Canshan Mountains. Its geographical location makes it the ideal destination. Because it is landlocked, it’s never very cold in winter or too hot in summer.



A dynamic place of Wa culture, this city owes its reputation to the production of black tea commonly known as “Dianhong”, whose reputation has spread beyond China’s borders. In addition, it is located near the road that connects Kunming to Yangon, and formerly known as the “Southern Silk Road”.


Lincang- Xishuangbana (Jinghong)

Xishuangbanna is the most tropical region for any trip to China. With its forests, lush jungle, sugar cane fields, bamboo trees and pretty minority villages, you could think you were in any country in Southeast Asia.


Xishuangbana (Jinghong)

The city offers beautiful markets where you can find tropical fruits and various vegetables in abundance. Its parks and tropical gardens give access to sublime pagodas and golden temples dressed in a South Asian tonality very particular to the Xishuangbanna region. There are many minorities here whose inhabitants are spread across the borders, as far as Burma, Laos, Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia.



Mohan is a border town in the south of Mengla County, Yunnan, China, directly on the border of Laos and China.



Free day. End of the Overland Kyrgyzstan to Laos tour.

Exit to Laos



Included service for China Overland Group tour Kyrgyzstan-Laos

  • Chinese driving license, temporary
  • Chinese number plate, temporary
  • Customs deposit bond
  • Customs clearance
  • Chinese 3rd party vehicle insurance
  • All China and Tibet permits, itinerary permits
  • All necessary official translations of documents
  • English speaking licensed guide
  • Expenses for guide
  • travelling to/from borders,
  • Meals and accommodation for guide
  • Transfer from customs border station to Kashgar/back to customs station on the next day


Not Included Services:

  • Fuel for vehicle, highway toll gate fees (if any)
  • Meals for participants
  • Entrance fees
  • Accommodation


Price Overview:

  • Price per vehicle with 1 participant
US$ 4,560
  • Price per vehicle with 2 participants
US$ 4,760
  • Additional participants in existing vehicles
US$ 200

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