13 Days Travel – Yunnan Trekking Tour

According to the Chinese, Yunnan is the most beautiful region of the country because it has preserved a part of its authenticity, its history, and its nature. This trip offers an immersion in the local culture, closer to the minorities of the South living in the rhythm of secular traditions. We offer you a journey full of encounters: the real adventure Yunnan through the villages of the mist, between you, your guide and the many ethnic groups of the region. Beautiful hiking trails in a lush and abundant nature. Breathtaking landscapes. Treks off the beaten path await you …



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Highlights / Route :Kunming, Dali, hike on Cangshan, Shaxi: Hike up to Shibaoshan, Lijiang: Yulongxueshan, hike to the tiger leasing gorges, Baishuitai, Shangri-la, Jiabe hiking trail, Feilaisi temple with Kawa Karpo view
Duration :13 days
Style / Character:Adventure/ trekking tour with overnight stays in hotels and guesthouses
Vehicles:4×4, SUV, Van, Bus


Daily itinerary for Yunnan Trekking tour


DayRoute: Description
1Kunming: Arrival in Kunming. Visit Stone Forest: You arrive today at Kunming Airport. You will be greeted by one of the team members. We will go to the hotel to put the luggage and then go to eat in a small typical restaurant full of charm. You are immense in the Chinese culture and have a first taste of its dishes. We will spend the afternoon in the stone forest around Kunming. We will have about 1h30 of car before accessing the site. It is an impressive site with its karst and limestone stones that give us the impression of being in an imaginary landscape. Everywhere around us rise rocky peaks. At the end of this crossing, we will arrive on a point of view overlooking the forest which is really worth it. After this excursion and your recent arrival you will deserve a little rest …
2Kunming – Dali: By speed train. Visit old town and: We will take the fast train to Dali in the morning. This trip took several hours, now only 2. It changes our life and allows us to arrive very early  to Dali, and visit the old town and its cobbled streets. Small shops with wooden frontage, some streets where a river flows. Dali is really peaceful and charming.We will have the opportunity to taste the local specialties, such as melted cheese spread with rose jelly, or the famous rice noodles … Your taste buds will awake to new sensations, be sure!
Dali: Full day hike on Cangshan:Dali is located 2000m above sea level between Lake ErHai and Canshan Mountain Range. Its geographical location makes it the ideal destination. Because landlocked, it is never very cold in winter or too hot in summer. Many animals live here and today’s trek in the CanShan mountain range will be an opportunity to catch a glimpse of them! We will take the cable car to half of the mountain where there is a lovely hiking trail. 11 km of an easy walk, on a good steep stone path, which offers splendid views of Dali, Lake Erhai and the mountains. We will see waterfalls, temples, and an impressive variety of flora.
This trekking day in the mountains of CanShan can be adapted to your physical condition.
It is just as possible to go up to the peak which rises to 4200 m in cable car and from there to hike on the ridge of this wonderful mountain range.
Dali – Shaxi: Hike up to Shibaoshan.We leave Dali today and go to the discovery of Shaxi. It is a village that was the heart and central node on the tea route. The atmosphere that one feels when arriving here, is a feeling of sweet happiness. We are surrounded by buildings untouched by time. The houses made with lime transport us directly to the last century .. It breathes life and authenticity, and it is rare in China!
Before arriving in Shaxi, we will stop at ShiBaoShan Mountain. It is a real treasure, once again preserved. There are a multitude of troglodyte temples and caves on the mountainside with statues carved with a knife representing the kings of the Nanzhao period.
By coming early in the morning we will also have the opportunity to see a colony of monkeys living there!
5Shaxi – Lijiang: Yulongxueshan. We leave Shaxi early in the morning to reach Lijiang and enter its natural park. The Jade Dragon Mountain is a pure raw gem belonging to the minority Naxi District. On the road to get there, if we are lucky, we will see his snowy peak still today virgin of any climb! This park offers us several option of trek … We will be able either to go up to the plateau of Yak to more than 5000m of altitudes, and from there to walk on these incredible plates; we go closer to one of its peaks and take a snowy path. Cross the waterfalls in azure terraces … and much more! The possibilities for this day are great and we will see together what inspires you the most.
Lijiang – Shigu – Tiger Leaping Gorges: Start hike to Tea Horse GH.Today we are on our way to the Tiger Leaping Gorge. But before that we will stop at Shigu. We can see the Yangtze River bend 180 degrees. This village witnessed significant historical events. Including the passage of Kubilay Khan, Mongol emperor, who with his army crossed the river ..
After this stop we go to the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. They are one of the deepest gorges in the world and the landscapes that can be seen there are breathtaking. We will cross these gorges for two days and spend the night in a pension that offers Western food and is surrounded by the surrounding mountains. The view on waking is really worth it! It is here that we have the most beautiful hikes in the region.

7Tiger Leaping Gorges: Tea Horse GH – Walnut Garden.We start the second day of hiking in the gorge. This part of the hike will be less stressful than the day before so it will be quieter. We will spend the night in a charming inn at Walnut Garden and rest after these intense efforts!

Tiger Leaping Gorges – Baishuitai – Shangri-la: Hike down into TLG, then drive to Shangri-la.:

Today we will see limestone terraces with transparent water … A sacred place for the Naxi minority. The view from the top of the terraces is really beautiful!
We drive after that to Shangri-La and discover the first typical Tibetan landscapes. We are transported to another time and are subjugated by these vast expanses. Meadows with animals living in freedom, against the backdrop of mountains, houses and Tibetan temple! The old town of Shangrila is full of charm. The wooden storefronts and small cobblestone streets delight us easily .. We will end the walk by visiting the largest prayer wheel in the world that is over 21m high!


Shangri-la – Jiabe:

We go to our Tibetan family a few hours from Shangri-la. We will experience a real and authentic glimpse of the unfolding of Tibetan life … This large and comfortable house with typical Tibetan architecture will enchant us easily. Animals, vegetables, milk … everything here is fresh and homemade. A simple but precious life sharing is offered here. From the roof terrace of the house we can see the surrounding mountains and especially see Mount Kawa Karpo ..
A nice hike from the village is possible and offers us a breathtaking view of the Mekong and surrounding mountains and valleys …


Jiabe – Ninong – Ubeng:

We leave Jiabe early in the morning to start our trek Yubeng. We cross the Mekong, arrive in the Ninong Valley and climb to reach Yubeng. We have about 8 km of trek in the mountains, it will take us about 5 hours of walking.
About 30 minutes from Yubeng we can go to a waterfall and soak our feet. We spend the night in a small pension in Yubeng


Ubeng – Feilaisi:

The second day of the trek will take us to Feilaisi Temple (the flying temple) where a view of Mount Kawa Karpo will be offered to us. Our day can end not far from the banks of the Mekong by a stop at hot springs to relax our bodies in warm water.
We spend the night in a small hotel in Feilaisi.

Feilaisi – Shangri-la.:We return to Shangrila. We will arrive relatively early so we can visit Napa Lake and enjoy the surroundings. We can rent bicycles and enjoy at a more leisurely pace all the animals that graze around. The landscapes are enchanting and calm.

Shangri-la: DEP.:It’s already the last day of this trip! We accompany you to Shangrila airport and wish you a safe journey home.

Included Services:

  • 12 Overnights stays in hotels and guest [icon houses
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Vehicle
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch), Mineral Water
  • Help with applying a Chinese visa


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When it’s the better time for a trek in Yunnan?

We recommend avoiding the summer because there is a risk due to the rain at this time of the year. The trails are so slippery, and therefore dangerous, we refuse to organize any walk at this time of the year. In winter (December to March), it will not be possible to hike in the Tibetan region of Shangri La; it’s too cold. If you can choose your month to come trekking in Yunnan, then we recommend April & May, as well as October & November

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